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4 Confidence-Boosting Tips from Bea Rose Santiago

4 Confidence-Boosting Tips from Bea Rose Santiago

Maintaining confidence can be a tricky thing sometimes. It’s easy to feel good about yourself when things are going great and  when you feel like everything is going according to plan. But, it’s also easy to feel down when challenges start to pile up and problems unexpectedly pop out of nowhere.

So, how exactly do we remain confident? What better way to get confidence-boosting tips than turning to beauty queens themselves? After all, these women have countless experience maintaining grace and poise under the public eye, and it takes a lot of confidence to do just that. So, when we had the chance to chat with Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago, we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to ask her just how she remains confident at all times.

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Imagine our surprise when the beauty queen candidly admitted that confidence does not come easy, even for her.

“It’s hard,” she shares. “Imagine, you’re put in a room full of pretty girls, and when you see them, you couldn’t help but say, ‘Oh my God, Oh my God, ang gaganda nila! How can I do this?”

On top of that, there’s also pressure to be seemingly perfect. “For us beauty queens, we’re in an industry where you get criticized based on your appearance,” she adds. So, how does she manage to remain unfazed and confident? Below are four confidence-boosting tips that she lives by:

Bea Rose 5_Reduced size1. Know–and believe in–yourself.

Never doubt your skills and abilities, even when you’re going through tough times. This way, you don’t let your problems get to you, even if they seem overwhelming. “I have this mantra,” Bea Rose shares. “I always remember that it’s not the prettiest girl who wins, but the one who’s most confident. So, for me, it’s important that I am really sure of myself. And that’s why I won–because I knew who I am.

2. Surround yourself with positive people.

“Now, I would have off days every now and then, but I make sure that I have people to guide me. My inner circle, they’re true, they’re real, and I can tell them my inner thoughts. When they give me feedback, it’s always positive. And it helps to have that perspective because when people around you are positive, you become positive as well. So, don’t hang out with negative people,” Bea Rose advises.

3. Don’t take everything personally.

“I don’t mix work with personal feelings,” the beauty queen shares. “If it’s work, then work. Hindi ko iisipin na baka hindi nila ako gusto because there’s something wrong with me, no. It’s just that I’m not the person I’m looking for, it’s nothing personal,” she explains.

4. Don’t dwell on the past.

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It’s deceptively easy to get caught up with our problems, and sometimes, it’s even harder to move on from them. But the thing is, it’s important that you don’t let setbacks dictate who you are. “You can cry and let it all out, give yourself five minutes, but after that, come back to life,” Bea Rose shares. “You cannot go on and on, and you just can’t replay your problems over and over in your head. You have to bounce back,” she concludes.

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