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6 Height-Defying Fashion Tricks to Make You Look Taller

6 Height-Defying Fashion Tricks to Make You Look Taller

For most Pinays, height can be a sensitive subject. On average, we stand at 5’3”. So if you’re somewhere below the border, then society would deem you short.

Not that short is bad. Short can be fabulous and adorable. But there are days when we want to feel less Anna Kendrick (5’2”) and more Kendall Jenner (5’10”)–or at least, Kylie Jenner (5’5”).

Lucky for us, there are a couple of fashion tricks that we could use to give the illusion of added height. Want to look taller? Here’s how you can defy space and rise a few inches.

1. Go high-waist

By wearing any high-waist apparel, you can create the illusion of longer-looking legs, hence lengthened silhouette. High-waist shorts, high-waist skirts, high-waist pants–all of these can give you taller proportions.

2. Go monochrome

Too many different colors can break up your body’s full silhouette. In contrast, a monochrome outfit can extend that canvas, making it appear leaner and taller. Going for one color keeps everything smooth and streamlined. Don’t worry about boring your audience; you can keep a monochrome outfit interesting by mixing up textures.

3. Go for maxi skirts

Here’s another reason to love maxi skirts: not only are these heaven-sent fashion pieces the epitome of comfort, but yes, they look fantastic on shorter girls, too. They look next-level fabulous even with a flip flops and flats (comfy for your feet, too). They’re also effortlessly elegant and so easy to throw on.

4. Stay snug

The fit of your clothes is really important when it comes to creating the illusion of length. Loose, baggy clothing will only swallow you whole and make you to look smaller than you are. Go with tighter, snug-fitting clothes to emphasize your lines.

5. Wear dresses with smaller prints

If you’re particularly small, stick to cute prints and patterns, like you! Fashion tricks that make you appear taller often revolve around creating balance by cheating the eyes. Bigger, bolder prints can throw off this balance and ruin the illusion if you’re on the extreme side of the petite spectrum.

6. Wear long necklaces

We assume you can sense a pattern here. The illusion of height is about creating vertical lines that trick the eyes. One creative way to achieve this is not with skirts or pants, but with necklaces. Unlike chokers, long necklaces can flatter the torso and make it appear lengthier.

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Remember, you’re beautiful–whatever height you’re in. But if you need a little boost, you can try these eye-defying fashion tricks, instantly look taller, and feel like Bea Alonzo even just for a day.

Featured Image via Nadine Lustre’s Instagram Account

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