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Battle of the Lashes: Eyelash Extension vs. Perm

Battle of the Lashes: Eyelash Extension vs. Perm

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Hair, or the lack of it, can completely change our look.

We love a full head of hair. We wax our underarms and legs. We thread our brows. Women are simply obsessed with hair when it comes to certain areas of the body.

For the eyes, in particular, most of us want longer, thicker, curlier lashes. With a tube of mascara in one hand and a lash curler in the other, we make sure our eyes pop for our everyday look. But between our busy schedules and the need to get up at least two hours early for the morning commute, who’s got time for that?

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We want to look good without makeup, so we look to the salon for a semi-permanent solution: an eyelash extension or perm.

The question is which one should you choose?

Eyelash Perm

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An eyelash perm involves curling your natural eyelashes upwards. It’s a 60-minute process, and the results can last for about one to three months before those hairs return to their original state.

The perm gives you much longer lashes than straight ones, leaving you with a doe-eyed look. Plus, it gives a more natural look unlike with the crimp of a lash curler.

During the procedure, the lash technician takes your lashes and curls them using water-soluble glue (similar to the glue you use for falsies) and silicone rods. Salons use a substance to break down the disulfide bonds in the strands, and technicians mold each hair to form the new curl pattern.

The price is definitely cheaper than extensions, as it only costs around P250 to P500.

Eyelash Extensions

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Extensions, on the other hand, are human hair-like strands individually glued onto your lashes. They’re thicker and longer than natural lashes; they come in different curls, thickness, and length, so you can get them to look natural or dramatic.

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The first session takes about two to three hours, and costs between P700 to P3,000, depending on where you’re getting it. You have to go back to the salon for refills every two to four weeks. A refill session can take about 30 minutes to an hour. The hairs fall off slowly with wear, sometimes with your natural lashes.

The Verdict

If you want natural-looking and low maintenance lashes, then an eyelash perm is for you. But if you really have short and sparse lashes, an extension would be the better choice.

Personally, if I’m going to spend time and money on my eyelashes, I’d go for the extensions. I have one now, and I love it so much. I feel great, and the extensions definitely shave some time off my morning makeup routine.

Which of these lash procedures do you prefer? Comment them below.

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