Lash Wishes: Say Goodbye to Everyday Mascara and Curlers

We all want to save more time in the morning. If only there was a faster way to apply makeup, we would rather have that than spend 30 minutes or so perfecting our looks. If you live a fast-paced life and would like to eliminate some of the time that you dedicate to fixing yourself in the morning, then a quick visit to Lash Wishes could be answer your prayers.

Eyelash extensions have been a thing for a while now, and a lot of salons have popped up during the past few years. Not only can these make your eyes look fuller and add volume to your lashes, they are also a great way to save more time for yourself. A 45-minute session with Lash Wishes can leave you mascara-, curler-, and eyeliner-free for the next three weeks.

Lash Wishes is a newly opened salon in Glorietta 3. They offer applications of synthetic lashes, which you can fully customize depending on your preferences. From the color to the thickness to the style and the length, you will have the freedom to pick whichever one you’d like.

Lash Wishes: Say Goodbye to Everyday Mascara and Curlers

Lash Wishes currently offers 5 different sets of extensions, which vary depending on the number of lashes that they’ll be putting on your eyes. The thinnest set is called Barely There (P550), where they will only put 55 eyelash pieces on each eye for a very subtle oomph. The one that I availed of was the Classic (P800), which included 85 eyelash pieces per eye, and they perfectly suited my lashes since I already have long and thick ones. If you want a party-ready look, you may avail of their Glamour set (P1,600), and they’ll put 155 eyelash pieces per eye—this might be a little on the thick side, but it’ll look all the more looks fabulous.


As of the moment, they offer 6 colors options for extensions—they have the usual black and brown, and for those who want something different, they also have pink, blue, violet, and green. You’ll also have to determine the thickness and length of your lashes, but if you’re not really sure about what you want, you may ask for the assistance of Lash Wishes’ friendly crew. The usual thickness is around .10mm – .15 mm, and the usual length around 8 mm – 10 mm. However, extra-thick and extra-long lashes are also available, in case you feel like going for a super-sultry look. Styles are also another thing that you’ll have to decide on, and currently, they have three styles that you can choose from—natural, which just follows the direction of your lashes; chic, which is a little longer in the middle and it makes your eyes look bigger and more awake; and the cat’s eye, where they install the lashes a little flared at the edges, making your eyes look more tantalizing and seductive.

Applying the lashes takes around 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the style and set that you have chosen. The extensions usually last for three to four weeks. The folks at Lash Wishes highly recommend that you pay them a visit during your second or third week for a retouch, since the lashes may fall off, making it look like there are bald patches along your lash line.

LASH WISHESHere’s my after selfie! My lashes are way fuller 🙂

When I went there, I had my lashes done and, to my surprise, they came out great! I thought that I would end up looking the same, but Lash Wishes actually proved me wrong. My lashes are naturally long, so their crew suggested that I have the .10-mm ones, with .15-mm thickness. All the members of their crew were very friendly, and since it was my first time to try this kind of service, they were more than happy to answer my questions, also giving me tips on how to prolong my extensions.


A closer look to my beautifully made lashes

Who says lashes can’t be detailed and intricate? If you want to finally eliminate the hassle of perfecting that winged eyeliner or having to deal with smudges all through the day, then extensions might just be the solution for your woes. You may visit Lash Wishes anytime during mall hours at the basement level of Cinderella, Glorietta 3, Makati City.

Lash Wishes: Say Goodbye to Everyday Mascara and Curlers
What You'll Love
  • The crew was super nice!
  • You have a lot of options to get exactly the look you want.
  • Extensions last 3-4 weeks.
What You Might Not Love
  • The location could offer a bit more privacy.
4.0Overall Score

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