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Are Finger Tattoos a Good Idea?

Are Finger Tattoos a Good Idea?

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People express themselves in different ways.

Some get pretty ear piercings whereas others wear their personal style to protect themselves from sudden changes in fashion. But one of the most intimate ways you can exhibit your personality and your ideals is by getting a tattoo.

The Philippines has a long and lofty tattoo traditions, dating back hundreds of years. Pre-Colonial Filipinos would tattoo their faces, hands, and even their fingers. If you ever want to decorate a part of your body in a discrete yet bold location, try getting finger tattoos.

Here is everything you need to know about finger tattoos for women.

Is Getting a Tattoo on Your Finger Painful?

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One of the most commonly asked questions about hand tattoos is if they’re painful. Several factors affect where your ink will be in the tattoo pain chart.

You’ll feel less pain when you’re getting a tattoo on an area with plenty of layers of fat between the dermis and the muscle mass beneath. This is because the fat acts as a cushion, preventing most of the pain. Second, certain areas of the body have fewer nerve endings, which means less sensations of pain during your tattoo procedure. Finally, the area’s proximity to the bone will also affect how painful it will be.

Finger tattoos can be more painful than other tattoos because fingers don’t have a lot of fat to act as a cushion. They also have a lot more nerve endings than other location on your body. And even the smallest finger tattoos for women will always be close to your finger bones.

So if you’re considering getting a tattoo on your finger, you should expect some serious pain or discomfort.

How Long do Finger Tattoos Last?

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Finger tattoos don’t tend to last very long.

Tattoos are worth the pain if they can last a long time on wherever you have them inked. However, finger tattoos aren’t as enduring as those on other areas.

The lack of fat on your fingers means that the tattoo ink is solely inscribed on the dermal layer. This normally wouldn’t be much of problem, but your fingers also shed a lot of skin. That means your finger tattoos will start to fade long before the tattoos on any other part of your body begin to do so.

Sun exposure also bleaches your tattoos, and since your hands are nearly always exposed, this will undoubtedly make your finger tattoos less visually striking even quicker. Unless you have the physical endurance to withstand monthly touchups, perhaps finger tattoos aren’t the best option for self-expression.

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What are the Best Finger Tattoo Ideas?

Couple Tattoo
Small tattoo ideas can range from the deeply symbolic to the merely fanciful.

There are almost no limits to what you can tattoo on your fingers. Small tattoo ideas can take the form of any number of designs.

You can put scintillating geometric patterns all over the back of your fingers to look like armor. You can tattoo crawling vines and flowers all over your fingers for a more organic appeal. If you’d rather not tattoo your hands extensively, get minimalist yet meaningful designs.

For example, you can have your favorite word tattooed to the side of your finger or you can get the design for an ornate ring inked into the skin.

Finger tattoos are aids to self-expression. But like all body markings, you need to consider your options carefully.

Understanding the pain you may go through and how often you’ll have to retouch them may help you avoid getting frivolous designs. Think well and hard about your finger tattoos before committing to them, so you can enjoy your fanciful hand designs in peace.

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