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What is the Hime Cut and Why Should You Go for It?

What is the Hime Cut and Why Should You Go for It?

Whether you’re feeling like royalty or wanting to be an IRL anime girl, the hime haircut is here to help you achieve these style goals. The hime cut, which is a combination of Binsogi (cutting the hair near the ears at ear-length) and Amasogi (blunt shoulder-length cut) hairstyles.

The hime haircut is a popular style in the world of gothic Lolita culture, as well as in K-Pop fashion, as most of your favorite idols have most likely sported this princess hairstyle. It is also a favorite of fashionistas and celebrities (here’s looking at you, Taylor Swift).

At first glance, the hime cut may seem like an exotic hairstyle that not everyone can pull off. On the contrary, it emphasizes your pretty features, as well as increases your grace and elegance.

So, if you’re thinking about going hime with your hair, here’s what you need to know.

What is Hime Cut?

Full bangs + hair that reaches your jaw + longer, straighter hair = Hime cut! Image from

The hime cut, also known as hime katto, is a popular Japanese hairstyle that combines face-framing frontal fringes and cheek-length side locks with long, straight hair. During Japan’s Heian Period, the Imperial Court’s noblewomen grew out their hair while maintaining their cheek-length side locks. Since this hairstyle is exclusive to imperial and royal families, it earned the nickname “the princess cut” throughout the country and, eventually, the rest of the world.

The hime cut is part of every salon’s menu of hairstyles. It is usually recommended for women with long, straight hair. But anyone can rock the look — as long as your stylist cuts it according to your face shape.

How Do You Cut Hime?

You’ve got so many hime cut styles to pick, from the princess vibe of baby doll to the sexy ultra black Image from Koreaboo

You can rock the hime cut in many ways. Consider the following styles:

  • Classic hime cut. This traditional cut consists of long straight hair with a straight fringe across the forehead and two sidelocks lying up to the jawline. The fringe stops above your forehead while the hair can go beyond your waistline.
  • Baby doll hime. Radiate “little princess vibes” with the Baby Doll Hime. This hime haircut is perfect for people with an oval-shaped face; just don’t let the side locks cross your cheekbones.
  • Ultra black hime. If you’re a legitimate hime lover, the ultra-black version of the cut amps up your glam, as well as adds an extra zing to your look (it’s all in the fringe).
  • Long wavy hime. What if you don’t have super straight hair? Break the hime cut rules by going wavy with your princess cut. The wispy long waves and messy fringe can make your hime cut stand out.
  • Hime cut long bob. A stylish long bob also works well with the hime cut. Just make sure the ends of your hair is a little curved to make sure it matches your bob.

How Can You Maintain Your Hime Cut?

If you have long and straight hair, all you need is regular trim to keep your hairstyle on point. But if you have curly or wavy hair, you’ll need to step up your hair maintenance game. You’ll need regular trimming, straightening and touch-ups.

If you want to feel like a princess or your favorite anime girl, the hime haircut is definitely for you. Go and rock the hime cut today.

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