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Lunar New Year Outfits for Modern Filipinas

Lunar New Year Outfits for Modern Filipinas

Lunar New Year Outfits

Lunar New Year, also known as the ‘Spring Festival’ in many cultures, is an incredibly special time full of tradition and symbolism. This amazing celebration not only involves delicious feasts, dazzling firecrackers, and lucky red envelopes, but it’s also a time to dress up and look fabulous! Clothes play a significant role in the Lunar New Year, representing hopes for prosperity, luck, and new beginnings. The choice of color, design, and pattern can bring good luck for the year ahead and keep away any negative vibes. It’s a beautiful tradition that connects us to our cultural roots and brings joy to those who celebrate it!

During the Lunar New Year, people love wearing clothing that’s full of vibrant colors, especially red. In Chinese culture, red is considered lucky, joyful, and brings happiness. It’s the go-to color for traditional outfits during this festive time. You’ll also spot other colors like orange and gold, which symbolize wealth and fortune.

Traditionally, pajamas or any old clothing (think your comfiest loungewear) are worn on the eve of the Lunar New Year, with new clothing worn on the first day of the new year. This symbolizes leaving the old behind and welcoming new beginnings. In recent years, people have also started wearing traditional clothing from their own culture or other cultures to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Dos and Dont’s of Dressing Up for Lunar New Year

  • Do wear red and other vibrant colors to symbolize happiness and prosperity.

Wearing new and colorful outfits during the Lunar New Year is not only a festive display but also a symbolic act deeply rooted in tradition and belief. It’s a way to bid farewell to the old and invite luck, prosperity, and positive energy for the upcoming year.

  • Do choose traditional clothing if possible.

Choosing to wear traditional clothing is a wonderful way to honor and embrace your cultural heritage. It serves as a tangible expression of respect and appreciation for the customs and traditions passed down through generations. Additionally, the intricate designs and vibrant colors of these traditional attires often carry deep symbolic meanings, further enriching the Lunar New Year celebrations. For a modern twist, consider incorporating patterns like dragons or phoenixes instead of opting for the traditional qipao. This will add a fresh and contemporary touch while still paying homage to the essence of the occasion.

  • Don’t wear black or white, as they are considered unlucky colors during this time.

It’s highly recommended to avoid wearing black and white during Lunar New Year celebrations. In many Asian cultures, these colors traditionally symbolize mourning and death, which doesn’t align with the joyful and celebratory spirit of the Lunar New Year. Wearing these colors might be believed to bring negative energy or bad luck into the new year. So, it’s better to opt for other vibrant colors to embrace the festive atmosphere!

  • Do incorporate auspicious symbols like dragons, peonies, and oranges in your accessories or prints.

Adding auspicious symbols to your Lunar New Year attire can bring an extra dose of good vibes and luck! For example, dragons are powerful and lucky symbols in Chinese culture, symbolizing strength, wisdom, and good fortune. Similarly, peonies are considered symbols of prosperity and love, while oranges, with their vibrant color and round shape, symbolize wealth and fullness. So why not embrace these symbols and invite more positivity into your celebrations?

  • Don’t wear clothes with negative connotations such as skulls or anything that symbolizes sadness or death.

It’s best to avoid wearing clothes with negative connotations during the Lunar New Year festivities, especially those symbolizing sadness or death, such as skulls. These symbols carry a negative energy that contradicts the celebratory and optimistic spirit of this special occasion. Embracing such symbols could potentially cast a shadow of bad luck or misfortune in the upcoming year.

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Lunar New Year is a special occasion where we celebrate new beginnings, luck, and prosperity. And what better way to embrace this festive spirit than by dressing up in traditional or symbolic attire? Remember to follow these dos and don’ts when choosing your Lunar New Year outfit to ensure that you are bringing good luck, positivity, and respect into the new year. Happy Lunar New Year, and may it be filled with joy, love, and prosperity for all!

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