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Should You Microblade Your Brows?

Should You Microblade Your Brows?

Close Up Shot of a Woman to her Eyes
Close Up Shot of a Woman to her Eyes
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If there is one part of your face that can completely change your look, it is the eyes. For many women, the eyes are the focal point of their makeup routine. When you are doing your eye makeup, be sure to pay special attention to your brows as well – eyebrows frame your eyes after all.

You can go for the sultry, highly curved look of Hollywood brows or prefer the sweet and innocent K-pop inspired arch – eyebrows come in a variety of styles, and everyone has their own unique shape.

We go through a lot to get our eyebrows just right – between the sessions of plucking, threading, or waxing, we also have to learn to draw them in.

Filling in your eyebrows can be frustrating. Sometimes they end up too thin, or too dark – it can be downright exhausting to draw them every day. If you struggle with your eyebrows, you may want to consider microblading instead.

What is Microblading?

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Microblading is a type of semi-permanent eyebrow shaping technique similar to eyebrow tattooing.

There has been some talk on microblading recently, ever since Kris Aquino recommended the procedure in June. While microblading is very similar to eyebrow tattoos, it produces a much more natural look because of the tools used and the way it is applied.

Microblading uses tiny needles arranged in a line at the tip of a hand held tool. They form a small blade, which is impregnated with ink. The technician will use the blade to deposit ink in small strokes, mimicking the appearance of individual hairs.

Unlike regular eyebrow tattoos, which uses a tattoo gun and often creates a solid block of color, microblading creates a much more natural look. The technician will follow the natural curve of the brow, blending in the drawn strokes with the actual hairs.

As microblading creates such fine lines on your brow, the results are often only semi-permanent. They will fade over time as your skin naturally exfoliates. Most microblading results fade after 12 to 18 months.

Why It’s Great

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The greatest advantage of microblading is that you will have beautiful brows 24/7. Though it is only temporary, 12 to 18 months of not filling in your eyebrows is a great way to save time. Your eyebrows will also not wash off while swimming or sweating, which makes it perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

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Microblading also produces natural looking results that are difficult to replicate otherwise. Your eyebrows will be shaped by a professional, too, which will give you near-perfect arches – no more struggling with your brow liner trying to get them even!

What Are the Downsides?

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One of the greatest downsides of microblading is the cost. In the Philippines, you can expect to shell out as much as 40,000 pesos – not exactly pocket money.

Since the microblade will be breaking the skin, there may also be a bit of downtime involved. Your brows will need almost a week to heal, and you will have to avoid wearing makeup, washing your face, or sweating, as moisture may irritate the area while it’s fresh.

Should You Do it?

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Like all eyebrow shaping methods, microblading is your choice. If you have the money for it, it may be a great way to keep your brows on fleek throughout the year. Just be sure to always go to a professional to get the best results.

Alternatively, you can try other eyebrow shaping methods, or just stick to your trusty brow pen.

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