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Hand Care: Can the Dead Sea Bring Your Hands Back to Life?

Hand Care: Can the Dead Sea Bring Your Hands Back to Life?

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When I was a kid, I would go with my mom to the salon to get manicures. It was an activity I looked forward to because it made me feel like an adult. As I grew older, I would regularly get my nails done because it kept me from picking at my cuticles.

You see, I have terrible anxiety and one of its physical manifestations is excoriation — a behavioral disorder where one has an uncontrollable need to pick at the skin to the point of damage. I have had this habit since I entered puberty and it has worsened over the years. After a while, I realized that a manicure kept it at bay because my urge to keep my nails perfect was stronger than the urge to pick my skin raw.

As time went by and I got busier, I no longer had the time to go to my weekly mani-pedi sessions. To remedy this situation, I learned how to do my own nails and how to take better care of my hands, in general. This brought me down a path of skin care products that ranged from high-end creams with all sorts of exotic ingredients to generic lotions you would find in any drugstore. But I have yet to find one that keeps my hands moisturized enough to keep me from picking at my cuticles.

So when a friend suggested the Jericho Dead Sea Nail Kit, I figured I would give it a shot.

The Packaging

The Jericho Dead Sea Nail Kit has nail and hand care products that nourish nails and skin
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The nail kit comes in a simple, mostly white, box. Its minimalistic design is similar to other high-end beauty products. On one side is the product name and on the other are instructions. Inside, there is a nail file, a buffer, cuticle oil, and hand cream. All four are snuggly fitted in cardboard to keep them safe.

The Ingredients

Jericho Cosmetics has made a name for itself for its use of Dead Sea minerals as the main ingredient of its products. Both of the cuticle oil and hand cream contain these minerals. Multiple studies over the years have found that the Dead Sea’s high salt content contains over 20 different types of minerals. These were discovered to effectively treat a number of skin problems, such as eczema and psoriasis. Aside from the Dead Sea minerals, both products contain aloe vera extract, which moisturizes skin.

The Process

The hand cream is light and not oily. It is easy to apply and the skin absorbs it quickly. It has a fine powdery finish that leaves the skin feeling smoother and softer
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As instructed, I filed my nails in the shape that I want. Next, I used the Jericho three-step buffer. I start with the dark gray side to smoothen the surface of my nails. After this, I used the light green side to massage my nails. The instructions explain that this is to stimulate blood circulation, which it claims will encourage my nails to grow faster and healthier.

Once I finished, I applied the cuticle oil. It comes with a roll-on tip, which made application easier. Lastly, I lathered on the hand cream onto my hands, fingers, and nails.

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The Results

I used half of the nail kit every day for a week. I only used the nail file and buffer once at the beginning because I wasn’t comfortable using them daily. I learned when I was younger that constantly buffing my nails made them thinner and brittle. That said, I religiously applied the cuticle oil and hand cream every morning and night for seven days straight.

My Final Thoughts and Opinions

I’m the type that would try out different beauty products, no matter the ingredient or price. So even though Jericho Cosmetics is on the pricier side, I gave it a shot. And I’m glad I did
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Now, I don’t think that a week is enough time to see the full effects of the treatment, but there have been some significant improvements. My nails are shinier and my cuticles aren’t as dry anymore. My hands are even softer than before this experiment.

Overall, I liked the Jericho Dead Sea Nail Kit. I liked the results it has given me so far and I can’t wait to see and feel its results after a month or so. I would definitely recommend this nail kit to anyone looking to extend their skin care routine to their hands.

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