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5 Relationship Rules Every Newlywed Should Follow

5 Relationship Rules Every Newlywed Should Follow

So, the wedding stress is over! You’re finally coming home as a married couple. You’ll quickly learn that there are a lot of things that you need to figure out with your partner. Here are five relationship rules to help you get by as a newlywed.

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1. Thou shall NOT lose the kilig aspect of your boyfriend-girlfriend status.

There’s a threat of complacency when couples get married. Because you are bound to be together forever, some tend to forgo efforts in keeping the passion alive. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Even if you know that you will be with your husband for the rest of your life, it will not hurt to continue showing how much you love him. Do not stop sending him love notes or texts; or don’t miss kissing him goodbye as he drops you off to work. You may also consider trying new things to make him kilig. Take him out to dinner or surprise him with a gift. Having this during the start of your marriage will help you keep the love alive.

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2. Thou shall share the responsibility of the chores.

Traditionally (or at least in our country), couples only get to live together after the wedding. This means newlyweds will only have the chance to get to know each others’ personal habits by then. Aside from getting to know each other, there’s a new household that both should manage. So, it’s important that the couple talks about the responsibilities they can share. For example, one does the cooking while the other does the cleaning up. Having shared responsibilities will ensure to keep the house in order and to lessen possible fights about petty things.

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3. Thou shall make time for both of your families.

Yes, you are starting your own family with your husband. However, this does not mean that you should altogether start abandoning your mom, dad, and siblings. In fact, through marriage you have gained one more family: your husband’s. Both sides are probably still getting used to not having both of you around all the time. So make sure to spend time with them as much as you can. Try setting up a schedule like going to your parents’ house one weekend and having dinner with his parents on the other. This way, you’ll be cultivating stronger relationships with both families as you start your own.

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4. Thou shall not go to sleep without saying goodnight.

Small gestures such as kissing goodbye or saying good morning tend to fade away the longer you’re together. When couples are still in the boyfriend-girlfriend stage, it is important to know if your partner has eaten lunch. But as time passes by, we no longer pay attention to these small details. So remembering to do this small acts of love is very important at the beginning of your marriage. This way, it will be easier for you to make it a habit and a constant reminder of your love for each other.

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5. Thou shall respect your partner’s private time.

It is important to trust your partner. With that being said, it’ll take some time to adjust to living with your husband. And this goes for him too. So, if he asks if he can go out with his friends (without you), let him. Being married doesn’t mean you should only be with your husband every single minute of the day. Having some time off with each other helps keep the fire going. As the saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

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Another rule is to enjoy the start of a new adventure with your new husband! Enjoy and cherish every month as a married couple. Congratulations and Best wishes!

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