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5 Post-Breakup Habits That We All Go Through

5 Post-Breakup Habits That We All Go Through

Going through a breakup is an incredibly emotional experience. While we don’t all handle it exactly the same way, there are a lot of habits that we all go through during a certain stage of the post-breakup depression. Whatever order you may experience them in, here are five of the most common post-breakup habits that we, as women, often share when experiencing heartbreak.

Image from Pretty Little Liars via Warner Bros. Television
Image from Pretty Little Liars via Warner Brothers Home Video

1. Crying

Almost everyone cries after a breakup. You spent a lot of time and effort in the relationship, and it just plain hurts that it’s over now. Naturally, you are devastated that the relationship has ended and tears are an outward manifestation of the devastation going on within your heart. It’s okay to cry about it, so have no shame and let it out. Crying is actually good for you, and you’ll probably find that you’ll feel a little better after a good, hard cry.

GIF from Push via Tumblr

2. Constantly talking about your ex

Sometimes they are words of sadness, sometimes they are words of anger, or they might even be words of love as we talk about happy memories, but we all talk about our exes after a breakup. This is the time when we need our friends more than ever, and even though they might get tired of hearing the same old stories, we will forever be grateful to them for helping us get through the breakup.

GIF from No Strings Attached via Giphy
GIF from No Strings Attached via Giphy

3. Pigging out on junk food

Definitely one of the less-healthy ways of coping, junk food often turns into a girl’s best friend when she’s feeling heartbroken. When we’re sad we crave comfort food, whatever that might be for us: potato chips, ice cream, chocolate, or maybe you’re one of those rare people who actually crave something that’s healthier for you, like fruit. Either way, after a breakup, it’s normal to be all-do and no-feel, and using food as a way to distract oneself from our woes is all too common. So don’t worry, you’re not alone.

GIF from Aquamarine via Tumblr

4. Listening to senti music

Music is an emotional medium. It taps into the very heart and soul of a person and is an amazing tool for fueling emotions. When we’re feeling sad, often the first thing we want to do is load up a playlist full of artists singing about heartbreak that we can relate to all too well right now, and just forget about the rest of the word for a little while. Try not to wallow too much though, and maybe slowly switch over to some more uplifting songs to help bring yourself out of depression, rather than putting yourself deeper into it.

GIF from Pretty Little Liars via Tumblr

5. Social media stalking

Ah, social media. It’s useful for many things, but when it comes to a breakup, it can do far more harm than good. You have endless amounts of photos of him there at your fingertips, and you’re probably in a good many of them too with bittersweet memories surfacing when you look at them. In addition to photos, you have his text updates. It’s so tempting to constantly hit “refresh” on his pages to see what he’s up to, obsessively looking for clues as to how he’s handling the breakup. As tempting as it is, it might be better for your own mental health if you take a step back for a while and stay off of Facebook.

GIF from Friends via Giphy
GIF from Friends via Giphy

Take all the time that you need to heal, but try to stick to the habits that will help you heal and move on, rather than trying to stay in the past. Work on making yourself feel good and putting your ex out of your mind, or you’ll end up driving yourself insane with past memories and ideas of “what could have been.” You can do it, girl!

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