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10 Reasons We Love Pink Lipstick

10 Reasons We Love Pink Lipstick

We totally love pink lipstick! After all, it looks great on all skin types (promise!), it’s super feminine, and it’s a great shade for the “barely there” makeup look. Plus, there are lots of shades to choose from–from bright hues that make your puckers pop, to light colors that look perfect for everyday wear.

Don’t have a pink lippie yet? Here are 10 reasons you should make pink lipsticks a kikay kit staple!

1. It’s a fun shade!

2. And it’s super feminine.

3. You can go bright…

4. … or light.

5. You can also go close to nude.

6. And don’t think it’s just for mestizas. Look how Nadine rocks pink puckers here.

7. It’s also a great alternative to nude.

8. You can also go light…

9. … because it’s totally okay not to take the bright pink route yet.

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10. Coral looks absolutely fab on morena skin!

Pink lips are the best!

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