Squad Goals: The 5 Types of Friends You Should Have after a Breakup

Breakups. Ahh, we’ve all been there and done that. Whether you got dumped or you dumped someone, breakups are still difficult. All those sleepless nights spent wondering what went wrong. All those hours wasted stalking him and every single girl he interacted with on Twitter. All those time used rethinking if you did the right thing, if you should just call him right away and take it all back.

Screencap from Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video via YouTube

Screencap from Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video via YouTube

We all know how messy it can get which is why we’re thankful for our friends! Good thing you have your buddies who will turn that breakup into a squad bonding sesh until you have your feet on the ground again. That being said, here are the five types of friends you need to survive THE breakup:

1. The Comforter

Cheers to the friend who will listen to your endless rants about your ex-boyfriend and how much it hurts. Not only that, she will also sob with you as you watch One More Chance for the 10th time this week. This friend will help you release all those tears, thoughts and pain while munching on donuts and ice cream. The Comforter will help you get through the sad, painful part of the breakup.

GIF from Mean Girls via Giphy

GIF from Mean Girls via Giphy

2. The Straightforward Gal Pal

This friend will tell you straight away that you are already stepping on the fine line between sad and pathetic. She’s someone who will not sugarcoat the fact that your ex-boyfriend already replaced you three days after the breakup. This  friend will be the one to give you all those unsolicited, bitter yet truthful and helpful advice. The Straightforward Gal Pal will help you get through the moving on part of the breakup.

GIF from The Real Housewives of Orange County via Giphy

GIF from The Real Housewives of Orange County via Giphy

3. The Guy Friend

He is another must-have friend as you try to get over this heartbreak. He will try to explain the situation and how the breakup is the best option by trying to shed some light on the guy’s side of the story. The Guy Friend is the designated driver and bodyguard who will also jerk-proof you as you are going through the vulnerable state of the breakup.

GIF from Insurgent via Giphy

GIF from Insurgent via Giphy

4. The Outgoing Single Lady

This friend will host your welcome party as you go back to the market. If there’s someone happy about the breakup, she will definitely be that person. She will introduce you to the wonders of singlehood and remind you of the things you already threw in the deepest part of your mind when you entered that relationship. She will fill you in with events, places and activities that you didn’t even know exist. She will make you feel that there are endless possibilities and people out there. The Outgoing Singl Lady will help you realize that the breakup opened the door for more exciting things in life that you can finally (yay!) try and discover.

GIF from Gossip Girl via Giphy

GIF from Gossip Girl via Giphy

5. Yourself

The most important friend you will need is you. At the end of the day, after crying to the comforting friend, after hearing the truth from your straightforward gal pal, after being crazy with the outgoing single lady, and after being brought home by your guy best friend, you will still go home to yourself. In those hours when you are just lying on that half-empty bed with cold sheets and pillows, you’re the only one you have and who fully understands you. Allow yourself to feel all these emotions, cry if you want. Just be kind to yourself and allow your heart and mind to heal naturally.

GIF from Grey's Anatomy via Giphy

GIF from Grey’s Anatomy via Giphy

Breakups are really difficult to handle but always remember that you’ll always have your friends and yourself through all the drama and the fuss. Use the breakup as a chance to try new things, to meet new people, to go to different places or whatever it is that you haven’t had the chance to do when you were in a relationship. Don’t worry because whatever “it” is, the squad got your back!

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