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The 5 Types of Guys Every Girl Should Date

The 5 Types of Guys Every Girl Should Date

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Dating is usually about finding “The One”–the guy you’re meant to be with forever. When you do meet The One, it will hopefully be your last relationship. But along the way, you’re bound to date different men of all types. With each relationship, we learn and grow from the experience and take away new insight into ourselves and what we’re looking for from the men we date as well as life in general. Here are 5 different types of guys that every woman should give a chance at least once as a part of her dating repertoire.

1. The Nice Guy

When I say nice guy, you might think boring, but that’s not necessarily the case. Sometimes, we need to play it safe and be with a guy who is, you know, actually nice for a change. The Nice Guy is considerate about your feelings, always holds doors open for you, and compliments you every day. He doesn’t waste your time with head games like playing hard to get, and he never makes you feel unloved on undervalued. Even though The Nice Guy isn’t always the right guy for you, he shows you how you deserve to be treated and even if the relationship ends, you now know that you won’t settle any lesser treatment when you do meet the right guy.

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2. The Adventurous One

Every woman should have some adventure in her life, and it’s easy to do when you’re dating The Adventurous One. This is the guy that helps you ease out of your comfort zone and try new experiences that you never expected you would have. He’s the guy who loves a good adrenaline rush and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He’s the one who picks you up to go for a drive with no destination in mind, just to see where you end up. You never know what to expect when you’re with him, and that’s what makes it all so much fun. The Adventurous One gives you a taste of how romantic spontaneity can be, and he makes sure that things never get boring while he’s around.

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3. The Shy, Nerdy Guy

When you think of nerdy, you might think of that socially awkward guy from fourth year college who didn’t talk to anyone and had everything he owned covered in anime stickers. Okay, while that guy may qualify as a nerd, that’s not the only type of nerd out there. Being a nerd is not about only having conversations in made up languages. To be a nerd is to obsess about the things you love. I consider myself a nerd when it comes to certain subjects, and I’m sure there are things that bring out your own inner-nerd as well. When you date The Shy, Nerdy Guy, you may be surprised by how deeply he can love. Nerdy people don’t hold back when it comes to love, they aren’t embarrassed to show their passionate side, especially when it comes to love.

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4. The Older Guy

At some point, every girl has a crush on an older guy. Science has proven that girls mature faster than boys, so sometimes it’s easier to connect with a guy who’s a bit older than we are. When you date a guy that’s a few years older than you, he’s usually got life figured out a little better than guys your age might. With life experience comes knowledge, and he knows what he wants when it comes to his career, family, and love life. Being with The Older Guy can help you on your own journey to figure yourself out because being with someone who is confident in who he is and what he wants out of life rubs off on you and helps you embrace your own future.

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5. The Best Friend

The Best Friend is the guy you date that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach when he kisses you, and also makes you laugh like you’ve never laughed before. Strong relationships have to be built on friendship, so dating The Best Friend just feels right like nothing else ever has. This is the guy who knows how to make you laugh and will readily give you a shoulder to cry on. He’s the guy who is happy to just stay at home in pajamas and have TV show marathons with you. The Best Friend is the guy who knows just what you want, because he’s just like you and wants the same things. He can talk you down when you’re upset and knows the perfect gestures to sweep you off your feet.

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Each of these guys will teach you something new about yourself. The Nice Guy will show you what a true gentleman is and help you see that you are worth being taken care of. The Adventurous One will allow you to embrace bigger, bolder, new things and along with it, a bolder you. The Shy, Nerdy Guy will show you that there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to love and that it’s okay to love something or someone with all of your heart. The Older Guy will teach you that there’s more to life than partying and perhaps help you mature and grow up even more. And The Best Friend will show you that good relationships must be rooted in friendship, and how much more rewarding it is when you actually like the person that you’re in love with.

Don’t limit yourself to just one “type” of guy–keep your mind open and you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn.

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