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10 Things That Are True When Your Guy Is Your Best Friend

10 Things That Are True When Your Guy Is Your Best Friend

The best and generally the longest-lasting relationships are those that start with friendship first and then grow into something more. Of course, it can happen in reverse too; with two people first being lovers and then growing closer in every way and becoming the best of friends as well. Whichever order it happens in, being best friends with your guy makes your relationship extra special in a lot of ways. For those women who have already found the man who is their soul mate in every way, and for those still looking for someone to raise the bar, here are some things that you’ll find are true when the guy that you are dating is your best friend.

Image from Friends With Benefits via Screen Gems
Image from Friends With Benefits via Screen Gems


1. Lazy weekends at home are the best.

When your guy is also your best friend, it adds something special to even the most monotonous of days. You can spend the whole weekend without leaving the house, and you won’t get bored. It’s like spending the weekend with your best gal pal—but with amazing sex, as well. Who needs fancy dates when you can just stay in and have a perfect weekend of snuggling and joking around together?

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2. Fighting isn’t really a big deal.

The best part of being best friends with someone is knowing that no matter how many times you fight about stupid things, you will always make up with each other again. Additionally, if your guy was already your best friend before you even dated, you’ve probably already gone through your share of fights and you know you’ll always be able to talk things out and work it out together.

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3. The sex is now full of fun and laughter.

While sex is still hot, sensual and intimate, when you’re sleeping with your best friend, it brings a new element to the relationship. You still have those hot and heavy sessions, but there are also different types of bedroom activities where laughter becomes a part of it and you can just be silly and have fun while still enjoying the pleasure of it all. If you’ve never laughed until you were out of breath while having sexytime, you’re missing out.

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4. You’re completely comfortable with them.

Whether you have actually known them your whole life, or it just feels like you have, being best friends with your guy means you are comfortable with him like no guy you have ever dated before. You can tell him anything—perhaps you’ve been doing so already for years before you dated!—and you know he’s not going to judge you. Also, when you order two pizzas for takeout and finish them together, you know you don’t have to feel embarrassed with him.

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5. You genuinely like him in every way.

Yes, you actually like the guy you’re dating. Sadly enough, that’s not always true in relationships. You know the phrase, you can love someone that you don’t even like? Well, when your man is your best friend, you are in love and in like with him. That’s why it’s so easy to be yourself and be happy when you’re with him. You actually like him as a person, not solely because he’s good-looking and there’s chemistry between you two.

GIF from The Time Traveler’s Wife via New Line Cinema

6. You have someone to marathon every show ever with.

When you’re dating your best friend, you now have someone to share everything with, including all of your favorite TV shows. Sure, you have to compromise—sometimes you have to watch his boring old shows as well, but you both win every time because you get to do it together. It’s perfect for those aforementioned lazy weekends together.

GIF from New Girl via 20th Television


7. Pranking each other becomes your life.

It doesn’t have to be serious pranking, maybe just teasing and tricking them, but when your man is also your best friend, and especially if you two are living together, that’s when the fun really starts. Sometimes, when I’m waiting for my husband to come downstairs but he is taking way too long, I’ll go back up and stand by the doorway and scare him as revenge when he finally comes out. It’s all good, harmless fun.

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8. Doing errands and chores isn’t so bad anymore.

Everything is just more fun when you do it with your best friend, right? This even includes boring things, things that we normally hate to do like doing laundry or grocery shopping. Folding laundry is somehow much more fun when doing it together with your guy—plus, you only have to do half the work. I never knew running to the hardware store to pick up supplies for some home-improvements could be fun until I fell in love with my best friend.

GIF from House Party via New Line Cinema


9. You have a ton of inside jokes.

When you are in a relationship with your best friend, you spend a ton of time together, naturally. Spending so much time together makes it impossible not to come up with all kinds of inside jokes that none of your other friends could ever understand. Your girl bff has no idea why that one word makes you and your man laugh so hard, or what those faces you make at each other mean, but that’s okay because your guy knows!

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10. He will always be there for you, even when times are rough.

He will always be there for you when you need him. He is your shoulder to cry on, the first person you want to share everything with, and he’s the one person who can tell when you need a hug without you having to even say a word. As your man, he is willing to do whatever he can to cheer you up. As your best friend, he knows exactly what those things are.

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So maybe it’s time to reconsider those “friendzone” walls that you’ve been keeping up. If the chemistry is there, dating your best guy friend might not be such a horrible thing after all! After all, when it comes to long-lasting love, the romance will fade eventually, that’s all but guaranteed—but the friendship never will.

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