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A Girl’s Stylish Rainy-Day Survival Kit

A Girl’s Stylish Rainy-Day Survival Kit

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You are indestructible.

You do not get sick.

The Metro’s floodwaters are nothing to you.

Well, at least that’s what every employer seems to think.

Whether it’s raining cats and dogs, or you have to go through flooded roads — and vehicles can pass, you’re expected to get to work.

Make sure you’re prepared for anything the pesky weather want to throw at you with these rainy-day essentials:


Stylish umbrellas and color turn bleak days just a bit sunny.

First in the list are umbrellas, of course. With the unpredictability of the weather in the next few months, you should never leave without them. The price range of good umbrellas is sadly north of P500. But when the raindrops are pounding, the winds come howling, and you’re holding more than one bag, you’ll thank yourself for investing in a strong, windproof, and maybe even an automatic umbrella.

Make bleak days a bit more cheerful by going for stylish umbrellas like the ones our Modern Filipina ladies are holding.

Raincoats or water-resistant jackets

Go for prints and unique cuts when shopping for jackets.

Unless your job entails running traffic on a busy intersection no matter what the weather, getting wet on rainy days is not an option. For the coming months, the raincoat is one of our best friends. Don’t be afraid to let your inner child come out and choose a material with cute whimsical patterns.

If you want something that looks more mature, a water-resistant coat goes well with corporate wear. And if you want something more casual, a denim jacket made of synthetic materials can do the trick for light rains and chilly weather.

Water-resistant Bags

Avoid genuine cotton and leather as moisture ruins their integrity.

Isn’t it annoying when your umbrella collects raindrops and big beads of water fall on your bag? Bags with waterproof, water repellent or water-resistant material can keep your things dry.

Look for bags with nylon, Cordura, full grain leather, or faux leather material. Avoid genuine cotton fabrics and leather types that easily get ruined by water such as synthetic, nubuck, and suede.  If you can’t buy bags with waterproof or water-resistant material right now, you can put essentials like your phone in zip lock bags or water-resistant pouches to prevent them from getting wet.


DMs and high-end boots are perfect for sloshing about the rain, but you can still get a good pair for a little over P300.

If you’ve been considering buying boots for quite some time, now is the best time to do so. You can use a shoe protection spray or beeswax to waterproof your shoes. But when the rains don’t stop, and the waters aren’t draining fast enough, wearing good boots is a godsend. With boots, you’re protecting yourself from leptospirosis or whatever nasty thing you can get from the flood.

You can invest in sturdy boots like DMs that last for more than a decade or go on a hunt for quality but cheap ones. I was able to buy boots for only P300+ at Landmark. I’ve used it several times, and they haven’t failed me yet. I also found wellies at Decathlon that are more breathable and give good arch support for only P800+.

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Face mask

A face mask saves you from reckless passengers who never cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough.

As a kind of a hypochondriac, a face mask is an essential accessory. Whether you ride the jeep, take the bus or carpool, if you take public transportation, chances are there’s some sick person who can’t cover their orifices when they sneeze or cough! Having a mask on not only protects you from the virus that another passenger is possibly spewing out, but it also saves you from the awkwardness of being perceived as maarte for being annoyed that someone doesn’t have the common decency to cover their noses and mouths.

Snacks and water

In case you get the munchies when you’re stuck on the road.

Heavy traffic is heavy rains’ equally ugly twin. When you’re stuck on the road, having snacks and a bottle of water can save you from turning into Mr. Bean when you should be a Kung Fu Warrior.

Change of clothes

When it rains, pack a change of clothes

For those deceptive days that promised sunshine then gave you heavy downpours, best have a change of clothes. You can leave your stash at work so that you don’t have to carry it around every day. You never know how b*tchy rains can get so make sure you have a change of clothes for everything, socks, shoes, and underwear included.

Having a rainy-day survival kit can help keep you dry, warm, and healthy – and perform well at work.

Wanna add something to our list? Help a Modern Filipina out and let us know what can prep us for heavy rains below.


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