5 Timeless Style Tips for Modern Filipinas

Fashion is ever evolving. Every season, new fads and trends are released and people will always strive to get their hands on the latest pieces. But there are certain fashion philosophies and styles that will be worth keeping in mind and wearing until the time you are a grandmother. Fashion shouldn’t be seen as a waste of money. Instead, think of it as an investment. Something you could carry on to future generations of your family. Fashion designer Tipay Caintic shares with us a thing or two (or five) about timelessness.

Photo by Jasmine Kalaw

Photo by Jasmine Kalaw


1. Invest in your Little Black Dress.

We may have heard this time and again, but the Little Black Dress is every fashion guru’s go-to piece for a reason. “For emergencies when you don’t have an outfit, for that go to winning look, for ambiguous events (e.g. garden dinner reception, cocktails at three, semi-formal [engagements]), reach back into your closet for the perfect Little Black Dress,” says Tipay. “Pick the one with a classic cut in a flattering length, avoid trendy details like lace ups and cutouts and choose a fabric that could last through a hundred washing (not stretch)! This dress is your most reliable friend.” Indeed, there is elegance in simplicity and the little black dress has been doing this for ages and will continue to do so for many years to come. This is one fashion piece that never goes out of style and is certainly worth the investment. Spruce it up with equally elegant accessories like a pearl necklace and earrings.

GIF from Breakfast at Tiffany's via Giphy

GIF from Breakfast at Tiffany’s via Giphy


2. Love yourself.

“Airbrushed, edited, nipped-and-tucked images bombard us every day. Expectations to be perfect and groomed to an inch to death foster unrealistic body images and unhealthy practices,” says Tipay. “Accept your flaws and don’t stress about being perfect all the time.” Keep in mind that no one is perfect and that everyone has flaws. But once you accept who you are, we bet no one will notice these anymore. All they will notice are your beautiful smile and head-turning style and confidence.

GIF from Clueless via Giphy

GIF from Clueless via Giphy


3. Remember, simpler is better.

Sometimes, in our pursuit to look stylish, we tend to overdo things. “When in doubt, just don’t,” says Tipay. “Should I wear the chandelier earrings with the stone encrusted necklace? Don’t. Pick one focal point of the look you are wearing and showcase that. The things that you are wearing (this includes your hair and makeup too!) shouldn’t be fighting for attention, rather pick a cohesive look that would complement your natural assets.” Overdoing things just makes us look like we’re trying too much when style should be effortless.

GIF from Breakfast at Tiffany's via Giphy

GIF from Breakfast at Tiffany’s via Giphy

4. Wear it with confidence and a smile.

“Never let an outfit wear you—make the outfit work for you. Be comfortable in your own skin and the clothes you are in,” says Tipay. “Having the most luxe dress on but you keep tugging at the sides because it keeps riding up and you don’t feel covered and secure in it will never work. Pick clothes that make you feel substantial and top it off with a confident smile!” One of the best accessories you can wear is your confidence. Fashion isn’t all about what you wear, it also has a lot to do with how you carry yourself. You can be wearing the latest trend, but if your confidence level is more zero than hero, all people will see is how you lack the pizzazz to rock the look you’re wearing.

GIF from Victoria's Secret via Giphy

GIF from Victoria’s Secret via Giphy


5. Dare to be different.

If you have that artistic flair inside you just burning to be expressed then show it! “Celebrate your uniqueness, and don’t be afraid to try out new things! Fashion is constantly changing and evolving, and so are you! Don’t get stuck on the tried and tested but feel free to constantly explore. Just do you!” Tipay advises. Fashion is about expressing yourself. It’s supposed to show how you feel and reflect your personality. If you sport a certain style, but don’t really have a personal connection to it, then that doesn’t really make sense and you won’t exactly feel good about it. As Tipay says, just do you.

GIF from Giphy

GIF of Lady Gaga via Giphy


Trends indeed come and go and next season the pair of shoes you just bought may not be the It shoe anymore. While it is okay to follow trends, it is still a wise choice to have timeless pieces in your fashion arsenal. Just keep these 5 tips in mind and we can assure you, you will never be out of style.

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