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5 Reasons Your Pre-Bedtime Habits Are Wrecking Your Sleep

5 Reasons Your Pre-Bedtime Habits Are Wrecking Your Sleep

Sleep is a key to having good skin. That’s why it’s important to always get your beauty rest. Having a hard time sleeping? Sometimes, what you do before bedtime is what’s keeping you from getting your zzz’s. Here are five habits you need to avoid for a good night’s sleep.

Photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash
Photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash

1. Drinking coffee

This should go without saying, but yes, drinking coffee can make you lose sleep. And no, drinking decaf does not help. There are people who drink coffee after dinner. Frankly, this is okay if you had an early dinner and coffee at least six hours before your intended bedtime. Coffee contains caffeine, which triggers your nervous system to be more alert. Studies have shown that caffeine’s effect lasts up to 6 hours. So it’s important to that you won’t be consuming coffee before you go to bed. Instead of having a cup of joe before going to bed, why not schedule your coffee breaks to ensure that you won’t be up for hours.

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2. Checking your e-mail

When we talk about sleeping, we talk about resting our body and mind. Let’s read that part again–resting our body and MIND. This means that to get a good night’s sleep, you must relax your mind as well. So, you should stop checking your emails. With the invention of mobile devices, everyone has access to a lot of information. Unfortunately, this also means that everyone has access to their work–even when they’re supposed to be relaxing at home. Once you check your e-mail, your mind will race with ideas and plans. With your mind abuzz, you’ll feel the rush and won’t simply get to sleep anytime soon.

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3. Watching TV

Just like checking your e-mail, watching TV will also keep your mind racing. What’s bad about watching TV is that it triggers not just your visuals senses, but also your auditory senses. This makes it much more harder to fall asleep. Ever had that instance when you’ve turned off the TV but you still hear the sounds in your head? That’s because your brain still registers the sound from what you’ve watched. This happens because the sounds from TV have different tones and pitches that your brain has to recognize. Thus, keeping your brain alert.

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4. Using your phone

Whether your texting, listing down tasks, or playing a game, using your phone before going to bed can hinder you from falling asleep. Aside from the brain stimuli from the different information you are receiving, the blue light emitting from your smartphone’s screen makes it hard for you to sleep on time. According to Harvard Health Publications, the blue light from electronic devices is designed to boost the user’s attention and moods. Thus, if you use your phone at night, you are tricking your brain to be more alert than relaxed.

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5. Eating chocolate

So, chocolate has caffeine. So that’s one. However, aside from caffeine, chocolates have other properties that serve as stimulants which affects your sleep. Theobromine, which increases heart rate, can be found in chocolate. So aside from your brain being restless (thanks to the caffeine!), your heart will be restless too. This is why it is best to avoid eating chocolates before sleeping. So, if you’re in bed and eating a piece of chocolate, might as well put it down so you won’t have trouble sleeping. Don’t worry, your chocolate will still be good in the morning.

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To get a good night’s rest, make sure you’re comfortable in bed. It’s also important that you are in a dark and quiet place. Make sure you get plenty of sleep to keep your skin healthy and young-looking. Try these tips to ensure you’ll get the rest that you need. Good night and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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