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Lose Weight While You Work – 5 Little Exercises You Can Do While at the Office

Lose Weight While You Work – 5 Little Exercises You Can Do While at the Office

With the gazillions of papers stacked on your desk, the phone calls yet to be answered and all of the workload left by your boss, plus the chores still left to be done at home pa; I’m pretty sure exercising is the last thing on your mind. Do excuses like “I still have so much to do!” or “I’m too tired to even move my finger” ring a bell?

Well, shove those excuses into the backseat! There are many ways you can squeeze in a bit of form-fitting routines while at work. Doubtful? Well, here are some basic little moves that can help you stay healthy even if you really don’t have any time to go to the gym:

Take the stairs.

First thing you should do at the office? Forget that the elevator exists and take the stairs instead (except, of course, if your office is on a double-digit floor). Give your gams some work! If done consistently, you’ll find yourself easing your way into your cubicle in a fitter form even after just a few minutes of cardio in the morning and after lunch.

Stretch from time to time.

Rotate your head clockwise, then back, and repeat the same thing with both of your wrists. Then, move the focus to your feet by circling them to the left and then to the right. Afterwards, put your arms in the air and reach as high as you can. Stretch your thighs and legs, too. Not only will you avoid your muscles from getting too stiff this way, but you will also feel much more energised afterwards.

Take advantage of lunchtime.

Speaking of lunch time, why not do some yoga while killing time instead of bingeing on another cup of ice cream? Bring a yoga mat to work, find someplace secluded and breathe in and breathe out. Or, better yet, talk to your officemates and encourage them to join you at your lunch time yoga sessions. The more, the merrier!

Talk to your neighbor and go to your boss’ office.

No, I don’t mean this literally. Do you have to tell your officemate something about work? Why not ditch the phone and walk over to their area instead? Or, instead of asking the boss’ secretary to hand over the papers needed for your next presentation, why not get up and hand it over to your boss personally? Not only will this get you moving, but it will be good for your office relationships, too. Just make sure to limit the chismis time and actually get some work done.

Clean up your workspace.

Yes, lazy daisy. It’s time to arrange those folders and other files, compile what’s supposed to go to trash, redecorate your cubicle wall and neatly segregate your stuff. You don’t only get to move this way, but you will also end up with a prettier and tidier space. It’s a win-win situation!


Here’s a gentle reminder: don’t let lame excuses get in the way of a better and healthier lifestyle. Try incorporating these techniques into your daily life and in no time at all, you’ll feel much happier about yourself and your body. Trust me. 🙂

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