Drink Yourself Slimmer: 5 Drinks to Help You Lose Weight

Trying to lose weight? Whether we’re talking about those last few pounds or that secret two figured number that your doctor told you to lose, many of us are struggling toward that exact goal. And it’s good to have some reinforcements. You know, something that would help expedite the long and tiresome process of shedding pounds and inches. Although going on a diet and exercise would be the primary answers to your weight loss woes, there are a couple of drinks that have been proven to help you achieve that svelte figure you’ve always wanted and Modern Filipina is here to tell you more about them.



Photo by Yevgeniy Shpika via Flickr

Photo by Yevgeniy Shpika via Flickr

1. Red Wine

Here’s a toast to your smaller waist! Now you’ve got one more reason to enjoy that glass of wine now and then—as long as you stick to the red kind. So we all know that red wine is made from red grapes right? A chemical found in red grapes called ellagic acid was found to boost our metabolism and help burn fat by slowing the growth of existing fat cells and through deceleration of the growth of new ones. A word of warning before you go on a drinking spree, though: this should still be done in moderation, or else you won’t really reap its weight loss benefits.


2. Coffee

Aside from prepping us up for the day to come, coffee has now also been found to help you lose weight! Well, the caffeine it contains does, at any rate. Caffeine has been proven to suppress the appetite, therefore you don’t over eat. It also boosts your energy, making you work out longer and better. Coffee can also help increase your calorie burn through a process called thermogenesis. The effects may not be too big, though. But then again, every calorie counts when trying to reach your target weight, right? Just be careful when taking that cup of java: milk, creamer, and sugar can pile those calories back on in a jiffy.


3. Green Tea

Photo by TNS Sofres via Flickr

Photo by TNS Sofres via Flickr

Green tea is almost on every list of food or drinks to consume when on a diet. Like coffee, green tea also contains caffeine. Therefore, they both have the same effect of burning fat through thermogenesis. As we mentioned earlier, caffeine also suppresses the appetite. Another property of green tea that helps in losing weight would be the polyphenols it contains. Polyphenols reduce the body’s fat content and increase one’s metabolism.



4. Water

Experts say that sometimes we think we’re hungry when in reality we’re actually thirsty! The solution to this? Stay hydrated with some good ‘ol water. Drinking a lot of water throughout the day will not only keep you hydrated, but it will keep you feeling full too. At the same time, you get to avoid drinks that are no-nos in a diet.


Photo by 金娜 Kim S via Flickr

Photo by 金娜 Kim S via Flickr

5. Tequila

Ladies, let’s get ready to party! Ending this list with a bang is tequila. If red wine has ellagic acid, tequila has agavins, a sugar found in the agave plant used to make this particular alcoholic drink. Research has shown that agavins not only help overweight people lose weight, but they lower blood sugar as well. The said sugar also suppress the appetite by making you feel fuller longer and help your body to naturally produce insulin.


There are certain drinks you need to avoid when on a diet, but these five are certainly not on that list. Weight loss is a journey. You won’t really reach your destination without putting in hard work. You still have to get moving and cut down on your food intake. Still, there’s no harm in trying a couple of drinks that are proven to help speed up the process. So go on. Give one or two of these drinks a try!

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