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5 Often-Overlooked Healthy Habits That You Should Take to Heart

5 Often-Overlooked Healthy Habits That You Should Take to Heart

Gym memberships, workout schedules, Zumba classes, strict diets and calorie counting – we all want to be healthier and more fit nowadays, and sometimes, it’s really necessary to take all of these measures to ensure a cleaner lifestyle. However, there are some simple habits that we forget are just as important at helping us become healthier, too! Here are some often-overlooked healthy habits that you should take to heart:

1. Drink lots of water.

Remember when you were younger and were told to drink eight glasses of water a day? That still matters now! Not necessarily in the form of eight full glasses, but drinking lots of water can go a long way. Water contains various nutrients that your body needs, and it’s important to always keep yourself hydrated, in general.

2. Sleep earlier.

This is definitely something a lot of women forget to do. Nowadays, most women sleep past midnight (whether they’re having a girl’s night out or working overtime), but sleeping early is a habit we should start getting back into. A lack of sleep can actually increase your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while getting enough of it can give you the right amount of energy to last you throughout the day! Sound sleep can also reduce your stress levels (and let’s face it, those dark circles under your eyes aren’t going anywhere.) For more help on getting more sleep, check out this article: 5 Ways to Get More Sleep for the Busy Go-Getter

3. Choose healthier options.

After a long jog, you decide to grab a bite and go to your favorite burger place. It’s okay because you just went jogging anyway, right? Wrong! Whenever there’s a chance to go for a healthier option, go for it! Buy a salad instead of a burger, drink water instead of a Coke float. It’s tempting, yes; but in the long run being healthy is a choice! Ice cream or yogurt? Cake or fruits? Fried chicken or roasted chicken? The healthier option might not be your usual choice, but it can be if you make it a habit!

4. Walk more

Elevator to the second floor? Take the stairs! Driving to somewhere five minutes away? Don’t waste gas! People often forget that walking is also a good form of exercise, plus the fresh air is good for you. Next time, don’t let laziness get the better of you, get off your butt and walk!

5. Reduce the bad habits.

If you work out every day, but end the night with a pack of cigarettes and a few bottles of booze, the fact of the matter is that your workout will be pointless. Too much of something can be harmful, and if it’s something that slowly destroys your body, you know that you should cut down on it! Occasional drinking with friends isn’t bad at all, but getting too drunk too often will take its toll on your liver. (The decreasing number of awkward drunken party pictures is an added bonus!) Meanwhile, your lungs will suffer from smoking, too. Yes, addictions are hard to control, but like everything else in this list, it will eventually become a habit as long as you keep at it.

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