8 Healthy, Happy Ways to Start Your Day

How we start our day is of great importance. More often than not, the way we start our day defines our mood for the rest of it. If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you’ll most likely be grumpy for the rest of the day, terrorizing the people around you and possibly ruining their day in turn. Start it with a smile, and everything goes by in a breeze. You feel lighter and you face the day’s challenges better. Not everybody gets to wake up to a brand new day, thus, we should treat it with care and strive to live each day to its fullest best. Keep reading for a few ways to get that kick start on the AM:


1. Stretch upon waking up.

The moment you wake up, before you put on your makeup and then say a prayer like the song says, give yourself a little stretch. Stretching helps improve ones posture and flexibility. It also helps in blood circulation and muscle tension therefore making us feel more relaxed. Who knew stretching could do so much for our health, right?

Photo by David M from Flickr

Photo by David M from Flickr Creative Commons (CC by SA 2.0)


2. Let natural light into your room.

There’s nothing better than waking up to natural light. There’s just something different about it. It keeps you calm and relaxed yet energized enough to start the day. Also, natural light has this way of putting you on a good mood. It helps train your body to follow the circadian rhythm, which regulates your body clock. So let the sunshine in, and you’ll be game to start your day on the bright side!

Photo by Jeremy Levine from Flickr

Photo by Jeremy Levine from Flickr Creative Commons (CC by 2.0)


3. Take a cold shower.

Aside from the fact that it is a matter of personal hygiene, taking a shower awakens your senses. A cold shower, though, gives us a lot more health benefits. Cold showers keep us energized and alert throughout the day as it sort of shocks us early in the morning. It may not sound like the most relaxing thing, but admit it, you need to wake up somehow. It also helps refine our hair and skin, improves circulation, and even aids in weight loss.

Photo by Steven Depolo from Flickr

Photo by Steven Depolo from Flickr Creative Commons (CC by 2.0)


4. Get your daily dose of exercise.

Aside from helping you stay (or get) physically fit, exercising in the morning helps you feel energized and happier. Lets be honest here, sometimes we need to feel light and happy to be optimistic enough to do that pile of work waiting at the office. Exercise also helps boost one’s metabolism, and don’t we all want that, ladies? So let’s start jogging!

Photo from ceiling via Flickr

Photo from ceiling via Flickr Creative Commons (CC by 2.0)


5. Eat a healthy breakfast.

Don’t eat just anything when starting your day. As a Modern Filipina ready to take on the world, you have to make sure you have the right fuel for your body. Meaning, food with the right nutrients. Take your cue from our list of healthy breakfast foods. Are you a kikay girl? Then choose food that’s great for your skin!

Photo by sheesalt via Flickr

Photo by sheesalt via Flickr Creative Commons (CC by SA 2.0)


6. Practice self-motivation.

Sometimes we forget the reason we are actually doing something in life. This is what we should constantly be reminding ourselves every morning. Motivate yourself with these! Also remind yourself of your good qualities so you are confident in seizing the day! Before anyone else, it should be us loving and believing in ourselves. If we don’t, then who would?

Photo by Will Fisher via Flickr

Photo by Will Fisher via Flickr Creative Commons (CC by SA 2.0)


7. Listen to music.

Music can help prep us up for the day. Especially if it is really upbeat and energizing (check out our list of girl power anthems for some lyrical inspiration, or if you’re a 90s girl, you’ll love our essential Backstreet Boys playlist). You can play music while getting ready for work and en route to the office; just don’t do it at work. Kidding! But seriously, by the time you get to work or your destination, you will be fierce, energized and alert enough for anything.

Photo by Gary Knight via Flickr

Photo by Garry Knight via Flickr Creative Commons (CC by 2.0)


8. Drink water.

Water is really important in our day to day living. It keeps us hydrated throughout the day and in mornings, helps us awaken from our grogginess due to sleeping.Water also keeps our skin glowing and helps us loose weight. Now is that great or what?

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt (Pink Sherbet Photography) via Flickr Creative Commons (CC by 2.0)

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt (Pink Sherbet Photography) via Flickr Creative Commons (CC by 2.0)


As we said earlier, it is of great importance that our day be started the right way. More so, in a healthy way. After all, caring for oneself should be among the top priorities of a Modern Filipina. As shown on our list, having the right morning routine and choosing the right food to eat is necessary in order to attain that healthy lifestyle we all want. So go ahead. Start your morning right—right now! And make sure you make healthy morning decisions from here on out.

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