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New Year, New You: 5 Healthy Resolutions You Should Make

New Year, New You: 5 Healthy Resolutions You Should Make

Another year has passed, and you’ve probably drafted another list of New Year’s resolutions. Some people say that resolutions are pure BS, with most people slacking off by mid-year, if not earlier, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t still set goals for ourselves, right? This year, let’s all vow to become healthier in mind, body, and soul. Here at Modern Filipina, we decided to list down easy, healthy, and definitely attainable goals you can include in your resolutions list this year.

1. Make healthier food choices.

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When we are too occupied with our work, we often find ourselves hitting a fast food joint and trying survive the day on some fries and a burger. We know that this is unhealthy, but we keep excusing this behavior by saying we don’t have the time for anything else. It might be hard, but this year, commit yourself to eating healthier by avoiding fast food. Look for healthier options, like restaurants that serve homecooked-style meals with vegetables. Instead of hoarding chips for your daily snacks, fill your fridge with your favorite fruits and munch on them while you work. You don’t need to jump into an extremely healthy diet right away—what you need to do is to change your lifestyle at your own pace. Start by taking the first step of eliminating processed food and fast food, and the rest will follow.


2. Move your body; exercise daily.

Photo by John Nyberg via
Photo by John Nyberg via

Most of us have probably already included “weight loss” and “exercise” in our list of resolutions in the past, but too many were unable to stick with the regimen as the months went by. Exercising does not always have to mean going to the gym—if lifting weights and running on the treadmill aren’t your cup of tea, try other exercises like swimming, dancing, or even walking. Take the stairs instead of the escalator or walk to your office instead of taking the jeepney. Just like eating healthier, it takes time to get used to working out regularly, so it really helps if you try to commit yourself to small acts at first, and then gradually make your way to more intensive regimens through the year.


5. Drink more water.

Photo by Vivek Chugh via
Photo by Vivek Chugh via

The importance of drinking 8 glasses of water every day is common knowledge, but how many of us really drink that much water? Getting hydrated has its perks, and if you really want to live a healthier lifestyle, then you may start by drinking water instead of soda and other sugary beverages. If you think water is too bland for you, then try to put a few slices of lemon in your pitcher—it definitely adds some flavor to your drink. Try to drink fruit juices as well—not the ones in can or in powdered form, but the freshly squeezed ones. It helps nourish your body, plus it’s delicious, too!


4. Adopt a hobby.

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Being healthy is not only limited to your physique, but it also includes your state of mind. Most of us might say that we are too busy for hobbies, but trust us, working on something that you are passionate about keeps your mind healthy and your heart happy. Whether it’s photography, blogging, doodling, crocheting, or traveling, a hobby will keep your gears working while helping you relax and let go of stress.


5. Let go of bad vibes and the people who bring them to your life.

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Burn down bridges, if you must. This might be the hardest resolution you’ll have to face, but try to let go of unhealthy friendships, grudges, and unhappy thoughts. Being emotionally and mentally happy will surely help you keep a positive outlook on life through out the year. Some may not believe in the power of attraction, but it doesn’t hurt to try it. Letting go of our baggage is one step toward real happiness. This year, vow to say goodbye to bad vibes, and instead embrace the good things that are about to come your way.

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