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5 Reasons GOT Fans Will Love “The Wheel of Time”

5 Reasons GOT Fans Will Love “The Wheel of Time”

Disappointed by how the “Game of Thrones” finale turned out? Still not over how it all went down in the end? Filled with unquenchable regret and flaming rage?

I feel the same way. Because you have to move on somehow, you might have spent the last few months hunting for the next epic fantasy series to binge watch.

In 2020, Amazon Prime is releasing a television adaptation of the epic fantasy book series “The Wheel of Time.” The book series is a staggering fourteen books long, making  it tedious for casual readers to consume but perfect for television.

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However intimidating the book series may seem, its television counterpart is showing every sign to be just as big as “Game of Thrones,” and fans of Martin’s opus may find the Ending That Was Promised in “the Wheel of Time.”

If you love epic fantasy, here are five reasons “The Wheel of Time” is the show for you.

A Focus on Female Empowerment

Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) seen here making an attempt to make it work
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“Game of Thrones” has been criticized for how it handled the topic of women empowerment, with sexual assault and a heavy helping of prostitution on top of certain problematic plots. Female story arcs in the series also tend to gravitate around men, such as Brienne’s quest to redeem Jaime and Sansa’s parade of horrifying male suitors.

However, “the Wheel of Time” is set in a world where men and women are on even footing, thanks to how the magic works. Because of a curse or sickness that drives men who use magic mad, women in “the Wheel of Time” run the most powerful magical organization.

There are also multiple story arcs that focus solely on relationships between women and how they handle issues such as leadership and trust. Instead of pitting women against one another, the lesson of the series is that women working together can accomplish wonders — no matter how different they are from one another.

An Amazing Cast

Picture here, casually reading in her casual clothes.
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We all love the cast of “Game of Thrones” for their phenomenal acting, with performances from Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke winning awards.

“The Wheel of Time” also promises stellar performances from its cast, starting with lead actress Rosamund Pike.

Fans of the series were delighted when Pike was chosen to play Moiraine Damodred, a powerful and cunning magic-user dedicated to fighting the force of ultimate evil. Pike’s previous performances include Jane Bennet in 2005’s “Pride and Prejudice,” Marie Curie in 2019’s “Radioactive,” and her chilling portrayal of sociopath  Amy Elliot-Dunne in 2014’s “Gone Girl.”

Other cast members include “Hawaii Five-O’s” Daniel Henney as Pike’s mystically-bonded warrior companion, and Michael McElhatton, who played the treacherous Lord Roose Bolton on GOT, as the wise father of one of the young protagonists.

Although the rest of the cast are relatively unknown actors, most of the principle cast of “Game of Thrones” (at least the ones that survived past the third season) was the same. Watching them evolve as actors is one of the pleasures the show has in store.

Epic Stakes, Intimate Issues

Much like how “Game of Thrones” framed intimate issues in the context of greater struggles, so does “The Wheel of Time” put personal conflict in the heart of a fight between light and darkness.

Heroes struggle with taking the reins of leadership at a young age.

A primary protagonist has to deal with being attracted to a man who views the relationship as pointless, even as they march toward an apocalyptic battle. With such nuanced characters and deep plotlines, audiences will have a field-day dissecting these complex relationships even as the greater plot unfolds.

Intricate World Building

Trust me, this city smells better than King’s Landing
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With over fourteen books of content, “The Wheel of Time” has a huge back story and history for its fictional nations. The notable history of the world starts with a global and epic conflict that changed the face of the world, and will end in a showdown between humanity’s champion and the sentient force of evil itself.

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Each country and culture encountered in the books is unique, with detailed descriptions of their costumes, food, and mannerism. Cities and civilization alike feel like living beings on page. Bringing these detailed cultures to life is sure to look magnificent on the big screen.

The Books are Finished


Probably the best thing about “The Wheel of Time?”





No need for writers to go rogue and write away important plot points and no need for nonsensical characterizations. And no need for disappointment

Fans of “The Wheel of Time” were satisfied with the suitably climactic ending, and how it resolved major plotlines. Writers for the television series will find it easy to deliver an appropriate ending with acceptable characterization.

Ready to fill that hole in your heart with something new?  “The Wheel of Time” will most likely be released on Amazon Prime in 2020, giving you plenty of time to read the books if you want.

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