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Top 5 Reasons Single Moms are Way Cooler than The Guardians of the Galaxy

Top 5 Reasons Single Moms are Way Cooler than The Guardians of the Galaxy

Being a single parent or a single mother is no easy feat. Marvel heroes will cry in shame if they learn just how difficult it is to raise a child with bare hands. Only Star-Lord will probably relate to single momma issues because his father abandoned him. But we’re not going to talk about that here.

Here are the top five reasons single moms are way cooler than the Guardians of the Galaxy.

1. Single Moms Battle Issues Alone

Unlike Star-Lord who gets the support of Rocket, Drax, Gamora and Groot, we single mothers deal with school issues like bullying. It can be heart-broken to note that sometimes, one of the reasons our child gets bullied is because he doesn’t have a dad. Pathetic as it may seem, but these kinds of things do happen.

No, we don’t break down and encourage the child to quit school. We, strong independent mommies, sit down with the bullies with their mother and father and tell them to back off. Like literally.

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No, Drax. I don’t need a hug.

2. Single Moms Can Fix Broken SpaceShips Err Toys

Star-Lord and his gang have Rocket to fix any spaceship issues; single moms have to fix a broken toy or worse, a science project all by herself. Never mind that we don’t really know which wire should go with which wire, or which tiny screw should stick with which robotic part, we just need to get the job done.

And we have to do it fast. Otherwise, we’ll need to deal with a bigger intergalactic problem coming from a wailing child.

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3. Single Moms Can Multi-Task Better

The Guardians sole job is to protect the universe from any unwanted force or entities that threaten to disrupt its harmonious flow. They battle one enemy at a time. Yeah, sure, they do multi-task as well,  like flying a spaceship, battling the Sovereigns while babysitting at the same time. I give them that. But moms can do it better!

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Single moms must deal with complaining clients at the front desk while texting the daughter to explain that a binomial is an algebraic expression of the sum or the difference of two terms and it is not a member of the Kingdom Animalia. We can also watch the son’s basketball game while emailing the boss about the status of that project, which needs to be launched next week. Doubt if Mantis can ever do that.

4. Single Moms Give Better Directions than Rocket

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You all probably have seen that scene where Rocket instructs the Baby Groot which button to push. And Baby Groot, in all its cuteness, seems dumbfounded! It’s because Rocket was speaking way too fast and too intimidating for the tiny sapling to comprehend the gravity of the situation!

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Look, if it were a single mom to give direction to Baby Groot, the diminutive tree would have gotten it right off the bat! It’s all about explaining explicitly. Toddlers are still learning. You need to talk to them slowly, and if necessary, with a lot of smiles and encouraging hugs. Babies need patience. And patience, my dear readers, is every single mom’s middle name, especially if you have to raise a toddler all by yourself. It’s just how it is.

5. Single Moms Can Make Baby Groot Speak Better

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Were Baby Groot raised by a single mom, I’m pretty sure his vocabulary will be much more extensive than the I am Groot line. Single mothers need to have the stamina to teach a growing child how to talk so she could deal with the child appropriately.

Coming from an exhausting 12-hour job, single moms would want more than I-am-Groot response to what-do-you-want-to-eat or do-you-like-Jollibee-or-Mcdo questions. Nope. Again, it’s all about patience, which none of the Guardians seems to possess.

Yeah, single mothers are just awesome. We’re willing to fight sans rifle or axe if anyone dares to hurt our child. And no one has the right to look down on us just because we chose to raise our child alone.

Not even the members of the Nova Corps.

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