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A Modern Filipina’s Guide to Moving Out of Your Parents’ House

A Modern Filipina’s Guide to Moving Out of Your Parents’ House

Woman Sitting On A Rock Wall
Woman Sitting On A Rock Wall
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Living with your parents as an adult is sometimes ideal, and even necessary, especially in this economy. But not all of us are lucky enough to have a nice home and supportive family. In some cases, moving out is the only option. Or you can have a great relationship with your parents and still feel the need to escape from this bubble of safety and comfort they created.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to leave the nest, it’s always best to prepare and plan ahead.

1. Are you financially ready?

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Leaving the nest means you will have to make your own. Unless your parents threaten to disown you if you don’t let them pay your rent, you should get a place that you can rent out with your own money. This way, you’ll learn to live within your means, keep track of your expenses, and appreciate the value of things. You don’t have to be financially independent or hold a managerial position to be ready to live on your own.

As long as you have money to cover the rent, pay your bills, eat decently three times a day, and have extra for other necessities, you can achieve the independent lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

Nevertheless, moving out on your own is a big leap, so make sure you’re not getting laid off soon and are ready to deal with the financial challenges coming your way.

2. Embracing your Inner Tita

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Part of living alone means doing the menial, household chores your parents had to bribe you for. You can’t expect anyone to clean up after your mess. You will have to learn to cook, clean, dust the shelves, scrub the tiles, do the laundry, replace a bulb, or recycle your trash and do all these on a regularly basis. It will be dreadful at first, but as you go along, you will learn to embrace it.

Next thing you know, you’re inviting friends and family over, preparing delicious meals for them, and uploading your DIY pictures on Instagram. It will take time for you to fully embrace your inner Monica Geller, but you’ll get there and it will bring you so much pride. Trust me!

3. Transitioning to Emotional Independence

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Living alone means you’ll be spending less time with your family and friends. Homesickness will sink in, along with stress and anxiety that comes with transitioning to independence. There will be days when you will need to take yourself to the hospital, miss your family in the middle of the night, or deal with financial problems or heartaches on your own.

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But once you brave all these, you’ll come out stronger than you were the day you stepped out of your comfort zone. And more importantly, you’ll gain a new appreciation of the world and your relationships with friends and family.

Keep in mind that all these emotions are normal for young adults. There are a million ways to cope, but know that you can always ask for people’s help when things become unbearable. Independence doesn’t mean being completely alone.

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There are no wrong or right reasons for moving out of your parents’ place. Young people are bound to leave their childhood home and step out of their cocoon to become full-fledged adults.

It will be one hell of a ride, and you’ll spend many nights wishing you’re back in your mother’s womb, but you’ll make a better grownup once you’ve embraced a life of independence.

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