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How I Lost My Insta Cool at the Masungi Georeserve

How I Lost My Insta Cool at the Masungi Georeserve

The Masungi Georeserve used to be deforested, largely due to illegal logging activities. Efforts to restore this area in the ‘90s were, as the site describes “rocky” in the beginning. But in 2000s, support picked up, and restoration and rehabilitation has led to this now tourist destination into what it is today
Photo by the writer

It sounded too good to be true.

When I first heard about The Masungi Georeserve, a 1,600 hectare privately-led conservation area in Baras, Rizal, I imagined a place to be accessible only by magical means. A place that you can only get to by running into a brick wall, like Harry Potter, or separated from the rest of the city by an invisible, impermeable dome. After all, how can anywhere less than two hours from Manila, be lush and pollution free?

To experience Masungi, one only had to step out of a tour bus.

The Fomo is Real

A few other travelers take a breather before getting back on to their Discovery Trail, which covers three to four hours of trekking through rocky trails, walking through a hanging bridge, and rope courses
Photo by the writer


But first, I had to join a tour group.

When they first opened to the public, you can only book via the website, and visiting was limited to groups with a minimum requirement of seven hikers per group.  This meant I had to rally together six other friends or family.

Simple enough, except it wasn’t.

People were either too busy, too broke, and the biggie, too afraid of heights. I waited a few years for the stars to align. All while battling FOMO every time I would see pictures of other people’s visit pop up on social media.

The writer contemplating a few more of her Insta-planned shots in Yungib ni Ruben
Photo by the writer

I imagined myself striking the same contemplative, totally non-posey, poses alongside the trail highlights.  I had it all Insta planned.

I was going to look, oh so cool.

Welcome to Jurassic Park

The Georeserve features two peaks, dubbed Nanay and Tatay, and a cactus garden with an air house
Photo by the writer

It wasn’t until recently when they’ve started partnering with other travel agencies that groups of less than seven could finally visit. I made a booking with Tanlines and joined a mix group of nationalities. The day started at 7am with a delightful breakfast at the tour office followed by a short briefing.

Then, not even two hours after we left Makati, our ride finally turned into a nondescript gate at kilometer 47 along Marcos Highway.

From the get-go, it did not disappoint.

The Bayawak, one of the rope courses
Photo by the writer

It felt like I’ve stepped into another world, one where pre-historic animals still roamed freely. I half expected a Pterodactyl to fly past us as we walked the verdant path to another briefing, this time with the Masungi Park rangers.

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The Discovery Trail comes with a park ranger guide, free light refreshments, and light bags to use during the trek. The fee on weekdays is P1,500 and P1,800 on weekdays
Photo by the writer

In an era where an “everything for the ‘gram” mentality has turned people into brainless fame whores, I can’t help but think that their tasks consisted mainly of trying to keep people from plummeting to their death by selfie.

For the next three hours, we walked. We climbed. We navigated more vertigo inducing rope attractions, but most of all, we struck a pose.

From Insta Cool to Insta Fool

The writer pictured calmly appreciating the wonder of nature and keepin’ it together
Photo by the writer

One only had to take a look at the before and after pictures to realize the breadth of what’s been accomplished at Masungi.

What was once a hopeless landscape stripped bald by greed is now lush and teeming with a riot of flora and fauna. It’s a testament to the commitment of the locals and the conservationists involved.  A place so beautiful it made me forget my planned Insta poses.

The writer slowly being taken in by the awesomeness of Masungi, forgetting her planned Insta poses
Photo by the writer


The writer, with her traveling companion, hardly containing her childlike wonder
Photo by the writer

I realized quickly that I can’t be cool in the face Masungi’s awe-inspiring beauty.

A picture perfect moment presents itself, and the writer completely surrenders to the majesty and beauty that is the Masungi Georeserve
Photo by the writer

She reduced me to a child with her heights and peaks. At times making me playful, vulnerable, or both. Like the moment when I’m dangling on the side of a cliff trying not to think of heights or fear or falling. A picture perfect moment. One where I’m totally out of my element, uncool but having the time of my life. A picture of when Masungi taught me a valuable lesson. That, sometimes you just have to let go and let nature take its course.

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