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How Do You Address Sunken Eyes?

How Do You Address Sunken Eyes?

Sunken eyes aren’t new to many ladies. You may notice darker under-eyes when you look in the mirror. Stress and the lack of sleep may contribute to that look. Dehydration may contribute, too.

As normal as sunken eyes are for many people, however, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it forever. Your local skin care clinic or dermatologist can surely clear them up. But you can also try treating sunken under-eyes by yourself before dropping by the clinic for a visit.

Some people mistake sunken eyes for eye bags. But they’re two completely different cases. So the first thing you have to do is ask, “what do sunken eyes look like?”

Then, it’s important to understand the possible causes of dark, sunken eyes. By understanding what causes sunken eyes, it will be easier to identify the most suitable treatment methods.

What do sunken eyes look like?

Sunken eyes do not look like eye bags. You’ll know you have them when your eyes when there’s a hollowness or thin skin underneath, or when there are dark circles. Photo by Francesca Zama from Pexels

The physical appearance of sunken eyes varies from one person to another. Generally speaking, however, these are how they’re often described:

  • Dark circles underneath your eyes
  • Dark shadows under your lower eyelids
  • Hollowness or thin-looking skin under your eyes

Sunken eyes don’t just affect the area around your eyes. When you look in the mirror and notice how tired you look, sunken eyes could be the culprit.

What causes sunken eyes?

Lifestyle factors, from smoking to lack of sleep, could be the culprit behind why your eyes are sunk in. Photo by Philippe Oursel on Unsplash

You ask yourself, “why do my eyes look sunken in?” Well, just like many other skin-related concerns like fine lines and creases, we can easily chalk it up to age. But that isn’t always the case.

Consider these causes of sunken eyes and evaluate whether they apply to you.


Your skin’s natural collagen production slows down with age. As a result, the skin gets thinner and less elastic. This could be the cause of the hollowness under your eyes.


Are family gatherings looking like a competition of whose eyes have sunken in the most? If you’re not the only one with sunken or dark under-eyes, maybe they’re genetic.


Dehydration may cause sunken eyes. We’re not just talking about skin dehydration. We’re talking about drinking too much coffee and sugary drinks, and not enough water.

Lack of Sleep

Here’s a classic reason for sunken eyes. Poor sleep quality takes a toll on your appearance and your overall wellbeing. Try getting at least seven hours of sleep every night.

Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, make sure to pace yourself and do it in a healthy manner. Dramatic weight loss affects face fat, too, and your skin needs time to adjust to that.

Sun Exposure

Although wearing a face mask has health benefits, it doesn’t fully protect against sun exposure. This exposure stimulates melanin production which could darken your skin.

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Sinus Infections

Allergic rhinitis and sinus infections could lead to the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. In this case, check your doctor for the best way to address your condition.


People have told you smoking is bad for the lungs. But did you know that it could also slow down collagen production? This leads to sagging skin which causes sunken eyes.

How do I get rid of sunken eyes?

More often than not, sunken eyes aren’t a medical problem. They aren’t always the result of a serious medical concern, either. They can simply be a result of lifestyle factors that you can easily address.

The most important thing for you to do is to improve your sleep quality and drink enough water. You might also consider limiting your sun exposure and smoking habits to improve your overall appearance.

Dermal fillers could be an option if you want an instant boost. Some sunken eyes could also be concealed under really good make up.

But if your sunken eyes are accompanied by other health symptoms, it’s best for you to visit your doctor. Tell them about fatigue, weight loss, sinus infections, and other health concerns that you’ve been dealing with lately. This helps them narrow down the cause and come up with the most suitable treatment.

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