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6 Stylish Updos for Hot Summer Days

6 Stylish Updos for Hot Summer Days

Long hair can be attractive and sexy, but once the summer season kicks in, your once gorgeous locks may become a burden as they start to feel icky, sweaty, and heavy. Instead of having those hard-to-grow tresses trimmed or cut, why don’t you try a different style that’ll keep them off your neck and back and still have you look as attractive as ever?

1. The Ballet Bun

This hairstyle is a classic, as even your favorite models have been seen rocking it. If you have a round face shape, add volume in the crown area, and if your face is heart shaped, allow some strands of hair to frame your pretty profile.

2. The Side Braid Updo

Here’s an updo that’s great for those with a shoulder length to medium length hair. This style offers variety as it can take you from a morning beach stroll to night time cocktails.

3. The Messy Bun

Afraid that you can’t manage a sleek updo? Try this—as the name suggests, it’s a messy bun, and it’ll keep your hair up in a casual ‘do that works for gal pal hangouts and picnic dates. Add a pair of thin headbands for a boho look.


4. The French Up High Bun

For a sleek look with a beautiful surprise at the back, start braiding with this ‘do. This mane style looks good for a square shaped face, as it shows off that jawline.

5. The Donut Sock Bun

Go for some retro chic with this hair style. Just roll a sock that will serve as base to your updo. For those with medium to thin hair, you can roll two to three socks to give the illusion of volume.

6. The Braided Headband ‘Do

Want an earthy, bohemian look? Give your usual hair a different spin with this braid style. Works great for those with wavy hair, and it’ll look fabulous at the beach or just any sunny day outing.

Which of these styles do you plan to try? If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t worry—that’s normal! Practice a time or two before taking your ‘do on a date or similar outing.

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