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7 Date Night ‘Dos for a Gorgeous You

7 Date Night ‘Dos for a Gorgeous You

Who hasn’t had a bad hair day? And just to prove that Murphy’s Law (that everything that can go wrong will) is really a thing, it’s often when you need to look your best that you end up with problems like bed head and more. Say you have a hot date this weekend, and on the morning of, your tresses simply refuse to be tamed. Uh-oh, sounds like beauty trouble.

But fret not, ladies! Whether you have short or long hair, this list of ultra feminine braids and romantic waves will give you alternatives to your usual ‘do and ideas on how to use that mane to frame your face and draw his attention where you want it. And if it’s a really hot date, make sure you practice a day or two before it’s ‘do or die!

1. The High Pony

Perk up your look by tying your mane into a classic pony, but this time place it higher than usual. For a round face, the higher the pony tail is the better, as the height on the crown counters those soft cheeks.

2. The Bandana

Going outdoors for a picnic or lunch out in Tagaytay? No problem. The bandana can heave all those pesky locks away so he can focus on your glowing face.

3. The Fishtail Braid

Give your usual braid a spin by doing a fishtail. This is great for sudden and unexpected dates, when you don’t have anything except your trusty elastic band. It’s truly a style to try for the girl on the go.

4. The Easy Updo

If your guy is taking you out to a swanky dinner, this volumized ‘do will make you forget all your mane worries. It looks likes you’ve spent hours in the salon, when really you can do it yourself in minutes.

5. Low Braided Bun

Another option for that romantic dinner is this low braided bun. It’s easy to achieve, plus the end product does wonders for once-messy hair.

6. Fringe Braid

If you have bangs that are starting to grow, this cute braid style is perfect for you. This will clear up your bangs and highlight your pretty peepers.

7. Bohemian Wavy Hair with Side Braid

Still undecided on how to style your head of hair? Go for a boho-chic look to show him the free spirit you are.


Which of these hairdos can you see yourself sporting? Do you have a favorite go-to hairstyle we haven’t included? Leave a comment to share!

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