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5 Reasons Singlehood is Good For You

5 Reasons Singlehood is Good For You

Being in a relationship is like going on a diet. Sometimes it works, sometimes, you just want to cry when you look in the mirror. I’ve been in relationships myself, and as much as I love being in love, I also believe there are pros to being single. Here are five reasons singlehood is good for you.

Photo by Bao-Quan Nguyen via Unsplash

1. You can have all the “me-time” that you want.

Being single means having more time for yourself and the people around you. It means freedom to do whatever you want (#solobackpacking), whenever you want (pizza at 2:00 A.M., yes?), without reservations. Remember, your love life is only a small percentage of your being.

Photo by Morgan Sessions via Unsplash

2. #MoneyGoals

Congrats! You eventually dumped your trophy-bae after all these agonizing months. Time to bring out your inner tita and focus on saving for a brighter future and make the banks happier.

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3. Two Words: Social Media

Whoever said, “Who needs a love life when you have WiFi?” deserves a glass of beer. Not only is she or he correct, she or he also nailed the benefit of owning technology, an important tool that makes gives anyone a voice, a shot to stardom, or be somebody even for a brief moment.

Photo by via Pexels
Photo by Jeshoots via Pexels

4. Singlehood is a time for you to love yourself.

Singlehood is a great time for you to discover who you are and what makes you happy. Admit it, you don’t have much time for reflection when you’re swept up in a relationship.

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5. Pay it forward.

As Filipinos, we have a bigger responsibility of giving back to our country and stop waiting for real change to happen. Sponsor a kid to school, give up your splurge for a day and donate the money instead, or even hold the door for another person. It feels good to do good—and you don’t need a guy telling you that because you, all by yourself, already knows it.

Photo from Kaboompics via Pexels
Photo from Kaboompics via Pexels

So, on holiday reunions, don’t worry too much when your relatives ask for a love life update. Resist the urge to break apart two couples who are HHWW-ing in the malls with a very tita “ExcuseMeee!!”. Remember, Eros is not the only kind of love.


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