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5 Signs You’ve Found Your One True Love

5 Signs You’ve Found Your One True Love

Finding your one true love is never easy. Sometimes, we meet someone who just doesn’t quite make it. And after so many heartbreaks, binge-eating ice cream, and crying to our friends, it’s still hard to know if you’re already with someone you can consider your one true love. Here are some signs that may help in figuring things out with your current bae.

1. The “kilig” factor is still there.

Whether you’ve been together for five minutes or ten years, the butterflies in your stomach never leaves. You still get kilig when he greets you good morning. You still feel special when he tells you how beautiful you are after you’ve been sleep deprived for three days. And even if you’ve fallen into a pattern, you still feel loved.

Photo from Tangled via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Photo from Tangled courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

2. You’re happy to introduce him to your family and friends.

Aside from the fact that you probably can’t stop talking about him to your friends and family, you’re actually excited for the time when they will finally meet. This goes to show that sharing intimate details, such as important people in your life, is something that you would want to do with your current bae. And take note, this does not mean that your friends or family will approve of him. Actually, there’s a possibility that you don’t care if they do. What’s important to you is that all your loved ones know each other because they are important to you.

GIF from How I Met Your Mother via Tumblr

3. You take care of him.

You’ve found your one true love if you’re willing to set aside your moods and your preferences if it means you get to take care of him. This goes to show that finding your true love does not simply depend on your partner–it also depends on your actions toward him. If you don’t find yourself wanting to adjust a little to cater to his needs, then he must not be it. When you’re with your one true love, you’ll gladly adjust some habits so you can care for him.

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4. You are honest with each other.

Whether it’s admitting who farted or sharing your relationship fears, being honest with someone is a sign of how much you truly love someone. Being honest all the time is a difficult thing to do. There’s always that fear of your partner seeing your flaws and deciding that he doesn’t want to be with you. So it’s a big sign that he’s the one if both of you can be honest with each other. This just means that your trust and love each other enough, that no matter what you’ll stick together through thick or thin.

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5. You can picture spending the rest of your days with him.

Have you heard of the Front Porch Test from How I Met Your Mother? Lily tries to break up Ted’s relationships with his girlfriend if she doesn’t see them hanging out with them when they grow old together. When we’re in a relationship with someone, we are hopeful that it will last a long time. But sooner or later, your relationship takes the Front Porch test and it just doesn’t work. Finding your one true love is finding someone who will pass the Front Porch test. You know you’re with your one true love once you’ve realized that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You will also know that in your heart, you will both be happy.

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