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6-Word Breakup Lines That Say It All

6-Word Breakup Lines That Say It All

Breakups always suck, whether you’re the one doing the breaking or the one being dumped. And dramatic, #somuchfeels, sarcastic, or angsty breakup lines burn these painful moments into your memories all the more. Below, we gathered some six-word breakup lines that sum up most breakup scenarios. Have you used any of these lines on someone? Or maybe you’ve had them used on you. Comment to share.


1. “I hope she was worth it.”

When to use it: Got cheated on by your man? Here’s the perfect breakup line you can throw his way, complete with the classic hair toss as you walk away.

GIF of Friends via Giphy
GIF from Friends via Giphy

2. “It was good while it lasted.”

When to use it: No matter how much we want it to be forever, some good things never really last. Even the most fun, thrilling, and trusting relationships can fall apart if it just isn’t meant to be.

GIF of One Tree Hill via Giphy
GIF from One Tree Hill via Giphy

3. “You never really loved me anyway.”

When to use it: If your relationship has felt one-sided from the get-go, it’s time to walk out the door.

GIF of Beyonce via Giphy

4. “I can’t see myself marrying you.”

When to use it: When your values just don’t jive and you fight more often than you should, maybe it’s best to put any long-term plans on hold.

GIF of Closer via Giphy
GIF from Closer via Giphy

5. “I need someone who respects me.”

When to use it: Does he ogle other women when you’re together? Does he continually undermine your opinions and efforts? Kick him to the curb!

GIF of Pretty Little Liars via Giphy
GIF from Pretty Little Liars via Giphy

6. “You are too immature for me.”

When to use it: Reality hits you and you finally figure out that dating someone ten years your junior just isn’t going to work. Maybe he isn’t 10 years your junior—but he sure acts like he is!

GIF of Grey's Anatomy via Giphy
GIF from Grey’s Anatomy via Giphy

7. “Since when was this relationship nonexclusive?”

When to use it: Maybe he’s seeing someone else. Or maybe he’s been using a dating app to find matches. Either way, the intention to cheat is almost as bad as cheating itself, so show him the door.

GIF of Beyonce via Giphy
GIF of Beyonce via Giphy

8. “It really isn’t you, it’s me.”

The reason: You don’t want to hurt your partner’s feelings and you know that you haven’t really given your all to the relationship. Or maybe your feelings have changed even if his haven’t.

GIF of Cruel Intentions via Giphy
GIF of Cruel Intentions via Giphy


Breakups are never easy, and they shouldn’t be. In fact, some will seem to carve your heart out of your chest. Still, if you have to do it, trust your gut and be honest when breaking up with your partner. Be classy enough to do face to face, and try to be as mature about it as possible.

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