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10 Situations Every Girl with an Office Crush Can Relate To

10 Situations Every Girl with an Office Crush Can Relate To

Have butterflies in your stomach whenever you time in? Do you look forward to going to work even if you got a lot of tasks waiting for you every single day? Do you always find yourself unconsciously scanning the office for a certain someone?

Girl, you might just have an office crush! There’s nothing wrong with admiring someone at work and getting a fair share of kilig every now and then. Besides, office crushes don’t need to turn into romance–the fact that you have a distraction from your work woes makes it good enough. Here are 10 situations every girl with an office crush could relate to:

1. You actually look forward to your office commute.

Going to work doesn’t seem so dreary when you know there’s a chance you’ll bump into him. In fact, you sometimes look forward to your commute because you know he takes the same shuttle! Lucky you if you’ve had the chance to sit next to him on the ride to the office.

GIF from "Paperman" via Giphy
GIF from Paperman via Giphy


2. You amp up your style.

Whether it’s business formal Mondays or casual Fridays, you want to look pretty and stylish every day of the work week. Chic hairstyle, curled lashes, rosy cheeks, romantic perfume. Who says the office hallway can’t be your runway?

GIF from "Easy A" via Giphy
GIF from Easy A via Giphy


3. You go on break whenever he does.

You don’t usually feel hungry at 11:30 a.m. but when he goes to the office pantry for lunch, you gotta go eat too. Don’t tell us you’re not guilty of this one!

via Giphy
GIF via Giphy


4. Your day’s not complete whenever he’s on leave.

One positive effect of having a happy crush is that he serves as an instant kilig boost and tiny dose of inspiration to kickstart your day. But when he’s not there, your energy’s a few percentages down. Aminin!

GIF from "The Hills" via Giphy
GIF from The Hills via Giphy


5. Two words: eye contact

Flirting rituals always involve sticky eye contact. And we know you’ve had your share of these with your crush, you sly devil you. Of course, you stick to your guns and pretend to not care that you’ve traced a dotted line between you and him but in reality, you’re melting inside.

GIF via Giphy
GIF via Giphy

6. Online stalking has become a ritual.

Who has had a crush but never checked them out online? No one. Getting to know a person has never been easier with the Internet. His social media accounts are readily available online and can give you an idea of what he’s like. You can even go far as to say that it’s for professional reasons that you’re viewing his LinkedIn profile. *wink, wink*

GIF from "Modern Family" via Giphy
GIF from Modern Family via Giphy


7. You start to appreciate the things that he likes.

Based on your recon work on your crush, you find out he likes certain sports, cuisines, books, and movies. Now you find yourself more curious about these things because he likes them. Besides, they make interesting conversation starters when you bump into him at the water cooler.

GIF from "Matilda" via Giphy
GIF from Matilda via Giphy


8. You’re both happy and super nervous whenever he talks to you.

It can either be related to stuff happening in the office, on the news, on the internet, what have you. It’s great if you’re a good conversationalist who can strike up a conversation about paper clips, but the rest of us introverts know how difficult it can be to begin and to maintain small talk! What more with a crush who can make your tongue-tied.

GIF from "The Office" via Giphy
GIF from The Office via Giphy


9. You find excuses to be near him.

You find yourself suddenly needing to print more documents or shred more papers. Oh, I forgot–his desk is right next to the printing machine. Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of this.

GIF from "Clueless" via Giphy
GIF from Clueless via Giphy


10. Sharing with your office mates every little detail when you’re in the pantry.

Half the fun of having an office crush is sharing all your kilig stories with your office buddies. Who knows? Maybe your crush is doing the same thing with his own office posse.

GIF from Giphy
GIF from Giphy


Featured image from “Bridget Jones’ Diary” via Universal Studios

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