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8 Reasons to Enjoy Being a Single Lady

8 Reasons to Enjoy Being a Single Lady

How can you not love being single? Independent and carefree, the ultimate single girl can devote enough time to herself and look gorgeous doing it. You learn to value yourself and you know you don’t need a man to make you happy. Need convincing? Here the 8 reasons why we love being single!

1. You can spend a bit more time on looking good.

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Without a guy nagging you to hurry and up and get ready, getting dressed to go out feels like a scene out of a sitcom (cue makeover music!). You can experiment with new looks, spend a little more time applying that last swipe of mascara before stepping out, and come out looking like Beyonce’s long lost sister. Hello gorgeous!

2. Friday nights were made for single girls.

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There’s always that giddy anticipation inside every single girl when they go out, whether its Friday night drinks or Saturday brunch. It’s like you know that just the possibility of meeting a great guy out there is enough to make you giggle. It’s like pre-game kilig, and isn’t that just the best?

3. You’ve got lots of time for your gal pals!

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Even if a cute guy isn’t around every corner, you’ve got the time to spend with friends you always find yourself messaging “I miss you!” High school buddies, college buddies, whatever, whenever, you’re game. Who needs a man when you’ve got your gang?

4. You can take as much “me” time as you need.

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Single girls have every opportunity to indulge in “me” time, and who’s more important to you than you? Because we’re single, we can basically do whatever we want. Take your pants off, eat embarrassingly messy food or maybe finally binge-watch Agent Carter like you keep telling yourself you’d do.


5. You can focus on your hobbies and your career.

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You know those girls who always seem like they have everything going for them? You know, the ones with great careers, gorgeous skin and carefully curated Instagrams? That’s you. Without things weighing you down, you can get your laser sharp focus on and get the life you want for yourself—whether it’s a great career, close relationships with your friends or just being you.

6. You can treat yourself any time.

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Without the pressure of having to buy a certain someone gifts all the time (think about it—monthsarys, apology gifts, and just-because gifts can cost a pretty penny), you’ve got a little more dough to spend on yourself. So go ahead and grab that loose breton top from H&M you’ve been coveting. All the more reason to invest in things that make you look and feel good.

7. You’re always discovering things you never even knew about yourself.

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Who knew that you actually liked doing yoga? What if you had a secret talent for watercolor painting that you never knew you had? Because it’s all about you, there’s no reason not to go ahead and take that calligraphy class you’ve always wanted to try, to attend workshops, learn new things! Being single is about being just a tad selfish, and you can take that to make yourself better.

8. Beyonce wrote a song about you.

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You know which one it is.

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