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More Than Friends, Less Than Lovers – All of the Confused Questions in Your Head Answered!

More Than Friends, Less Than Lovers – All of the Confused Questions in Your Head Answered!

More Than Friends, Less Than Lovers - All of the Confused Questions in Your Head Answered!

You talk every day from sunrise to sunset. You do couple-y things like go on movie dates and share milkshakes. You are each other’s dates – nay, “plus ones” at events and everyone who isn’t a close friend thinks that you’re a couple. But guess what: you’re not! It’s confusing, right?

If you’re stuck in a relationship without labels – something close to heaven yet still in limbo and something not ideal yet not totally unlikable, either – here are some real-life answers from guys as to why they tend to keep relationships at bay.


Relationships are on a whole new level.

“A relationship is one step ahead. Like it’s completely different from just flirting. You have to be serious and give it time. Also, to avoid other issues and complications with people who might expect things from you.” – JP

It’s true: a relationship is one step ahead. Your guy might not be ready to get tied down to a single person just yet because he’s still busy having fun. While this might not sound very nice, it’s the simple truth. Guys love to flirt and mingle with other people, so going out of his way to be with you as much as possible might make him feel like he is losing his freedom.


There is a time for everything.

“Its not that I don’t want commitment. I am very committed, as a matter of fact, to my studies. I just think that there is a right time for everything and that this just isn’t that time. I think it is more important to prepare yourself more and then proceed to preparing to meet that person. Timing is very important to me.” – Fred

A guy might not be ready for commitment because of his priorities, as well. This would be especially true, if his eyes are currently dead-set on his career or his studies. Some guys find it more important to be stable on their own before getting tied up in a relationship – which is a good thing. This way, when your guy is ready, he will be able to cater to your needs more and actually give you all of the time and love that you deserve.


Relationships come with too much drama.

“It’s just easier that way. Why would you want to mess things up with drama and bullsh*t” – Dan

Some guys don’t like drama – plain and simple. Let’s admit it: relationships come with tears more often than not. You might start off on the same track, but eventually, one of you will look for more than the other is willing to give. This is why some guys prefer to keep things on a friendly level: because sh*t happens when you start to expect things – both literally and figuratively.


Whatever his reasons may be, you just have to wait it out and go with the flow until you feel like you are done waiting. Once you reach that point, you’re gonna have to sit down and talk about the possibility of being together. The results of your “talk” will then be the deciding factor whether you stay friends, become a couple or move on as now-strangers. But who knows? You might be able to get out of that quasi-relationship and get into a real one, too.


*Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

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