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5 Reasons Dating the Wrong Guys Will Lead You to Mr. Right

5 Reasons Dating the Wrong Guys Will Lead You to Mr. Right

As we get to our early to mid-twenties, dating becomes sort of a race where we get pressured getting to the finish line. And in our constant search for Mr. Right, it doesn’t come as a surprise if we stumble upon a couple of Mr. Wrongs as well. Here are five reasons dating the wrong guys could actually lead us to Mr. Right:

Screencap from It Takes a Man and a Woman courtesy of Star Cinema
Screencap from It Takes a Man and a Woman courtesy of Star Cinema

1. It’s all about self-discovery

Dating is not just about knowing the other person, but more of understanding yourself more. Dealing with different personality types opens you up to what type of person complements you, how willing are you to try out new things, and how much you respect yourself. You start screening out men on a much deeper level instead of just going for physical attraction or kilig.

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2. You know what you want

After being in a few bad relationships, you realize things that you don’t want in a partner and the traits that are most important to you. You get exposed to new things that will let you figure out what kind of partner is best for you.  You figure out what makes the wrong guy: he may be manipulative, rude, arrogant, and jealous. The things that you tolerate is a clear indication of your sense of worth. Sometimes you just have remember what you deserve.

GIF from Giphy
GIF from Giphy

3. You value your time more

Staying in an unhealthy relationship makes you value your time more. It makes you realize that life is short, so we don’t need to bother ourselves with relationships that aren’t right for us. You realize that staying is a waste of time and it actually hinders you from finding the right one. You get to be wiser about whom you invest your time with as well as whom you give your heart to.

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GIF from Giphy
GIF from Giphy

4. You learn from your mistakes

You learn something more about yourself and your preferences.  You’re human; you’re going to make mistakes along the way. Consider these mistakes as lessons that will make you wiser in the long run. You know better than to go after guys who don’t deserve your love.

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5. Now you know better than to settle for anything else

Remember the saying, “there’s got to be rain in your life to appreciate the sunshine”? Same goes with dating the wrong guys. Your mistakes will help you prepare and build appreciation for the right one because you know you deserve so much better. Your Mr. Right won’t lie to you and keep things from you. He won’t be insensitive to your needs. And when you finally meet him, you can’t help but say that you have found the love that you deserve. You will see the true value of what you got.

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