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10 Hottie Trends on Social Media

10 Hottie Trends on Social Media

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It is important to enjoy the simple things in life, like stopping to smell roses, taking long walks down the beach, and scrolling through pictures of deliciously sexy men on the internet. For those of us who drool over steamy six pack abs and dashing, debonair dudes, look no further! Here is a compilation of 10 sizzling hottie trends setting social media on fire. Don’t thank me, thank Mother Nature and exceptional lighting, because it’s about to rain men!


1. Locker Room Undies

Stripping down to bare tighty whities and taking a selfie in the locker room seems to be one of the newest movements in the realm of social media studs. Perhaps these pictures were taken after a solid gym session, or on a particularly good ab day. Whatever the reason for exposing those muscles, we love it! More, please!


2. Bed Selfies

Yes, they woke up like that! Bedroom eyes and comfy sleepwear (or sometimes, lack of it) are some of the reasons why we adore bed selfies. Posing by their bedside sends off a low-key, playfully seductive vibe that we can’t get enough of, landing this trend a worthy spot!


3. Suited Up

Let’s admit it, men in tailor-made suits look absolutely charming—and there’s a reason behind why we love our men in formal wear. A study conducted by Kelton Research shows that 85% of women perceive dapper-dressing men as more attractive than men who have a lot of money. The study also claims that even men in uniform don’t stand a chance against chaps in suits!


4. By The Pool/Beach

It takes hard work to be painfully good-looking 24/7, so these boys definitely deserve a break. A quick dip in the pool or swim in the sea is enough to cool down some dangerously hot temperatures. Plus, getting soaked is another blessed reason to take off that shirt and show off those ripped muscles. Any tanning oil rubbing volunteers out there?


5. Workin’ Out

Testosterone-fueled, sweaty, yet still super sexy, this trend has stuck around long enough to become an all-time favorite. The notorious workout pic reaches farther than your usual macho Instagram model; you may stumble upon one of your own friends flexing it out in the gym. Perhaps the abundance of mirrors next to those dumbbells make it easier to prove their athletic progress. What do we have to say about it? YAS! Continue working those defined biceps, triceps, and all kind of ceps—don’t forget to take a photo!




6. The Manbun

The Manbun has been around for centuries—literally. Earlier sported by the tough Terra Cotta warriors, making its way through hair fashion history to land on Harry Styles’ head, there’s just something about the Manbun that makes us weak in the knees—and it’s wired inside us. Long, luscious hair is a sign of good health and youth; characteristics we usually look for when hunting for a potential partner to eventually share with our offspring!


7. Hotties Holding Puppies

Now THIS is one of the most powerful, AWWW-inducing trends to ever hit the internet. Hotties holding puppies has been a super sensation, storming through Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram by merging two common weaknesses; cute animals and gorgeous guys. Perhaps we love it because it shows how they can commit to handling and taking responsibility of such adorable creatures. When we say “adorable creatures,” we’re referring to the doggies, of course! Or are we?


8. Inked and Irresistible

Tattooed hunks steal a spot on our list for being artfully alluring. Alas, another study to explain why we drool over gents with tats; the University of Western Australia published a study detailing how primates use “markers” to establish their power and attractiveness to possible mates. Researchers say this study parallels human behavior, with our “markers” being anything from jewelry to—you guessed it—tattoos!


9. Men + Coffee

Imagine waking up to a marvelous piece of mancandy. He has just made you breakfast—and is sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee. He sees you get up from bed, gives you a good morning kiss, and offers to pour you a cup—then you wake up, for real this time. We will most probably fantasize about this while looking at these pictures of these guys and their cups of Joe. Who’s to blame us, though!?


10. “Hot Dudes Reading”

Smarts have always been sexy, and one way of expanding knowledge is by reading books. And so, it all began with the Instagram account, Hot Dudes Reading. Someone decided to compile photos of cute guys reading books in public—especially on the subway—thinking it was a pretty sexy idea. It was. It still is. And it forever will be.


Some of you  might be thinking, what’s the point of this objectification session? And maybe there’s no point outside of the appreciation of darned fine specimens of the opposite sex. And you probably agree, if you’ve made it this far. Which of these trends do you plan on following? And, yes “all of the above” is a valid answer! Now, excuse us while we air out our lady parts.

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