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7 Weird Weather Fashion Tips

7 Weird Weather Fashion Tips

It’s that time of the year again, when the weather gets oh so weird, a rainy morning then a very hot and sunny afternoon. Tsk, tsk! How’s a girl to dress up if the sun and rain are still duking it out over who will rule the sky? We give you quick tips on how you can manage your style despite the unpredicatable weather.


1. Layer on a light cardigan.

Layering is the key to unlocking a great weird-weather style. Light layers prepare you for the cool parts of the day, but you can easily peel them off when the temperature rises.

Lace Insert Kimono, P,1718 from Glamorous via


2. Balance your outfit.

Show some skin, but no so much that it leaves nothing to the imagination (and no defense against cool blasts of air). If you’re thinking of wearing a mini, best to pair this with a long-sleeved shirt; or if you’ll be wearing an ankle-length skirt, go with a sleeveless top. This way, you won’t look too bundled up or too relaxed.

Woven Maxi Skirt, P2,799 from River Island via


3.  Flaunt some prints

Just because the sky darkens and it rumbles doesn’t mean you have to camouflage into the weather; wear both summer and rainy style outfits. Don some prints and finish off with a shawl or jacket. These layering pieces will let you strip when it gets hot, thus revealing awesome prints.

Spaghetti Strap Skater Chevron Dress, P1,650 from Love, Fire via


4. Accessorize with scarves.

Make scarves and shawls your style best friend during this season. You can layer it over your neck, let it fall over your shoulder, or wrap it around your bag strap for some bang With the many ways you can sport a scarf, surely you’ll find this simple piece of garment practical especially when it gets cold.

Elaine Giraffe Scarf, P219 from Jewelciti via


5. Wear reliable footwear.

Items like jelly sandals or jelly ballet flats work for any kind weather. That jelly material give them a summer feel, but they will still be a great fit for the rainy season. Say goodbye to shoe worries as you traverse through the damp (and too-often flooded) streets of the metro.

Move Flat Sandals, P1,495 from Mel via


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6. Consider where you are going

Will you be going to the office where the A/C system is on high, or will you be going to the mall to window shop? Either way, you have to blend in (without forgetting for your style to stand out). So before dressing up and putting on that jacket, consider the dress code of your final destination.

Photo by Gareth Williams via Flickr Creative Commons
Photo by Gareth Williams via Flickr Creative Commons


7. Keep a jacket and sunglasses always handy.

Apart from the makeup and mobile phone, a jacket and a pair of sunglasses should always be in a girl’s bag. Not only do your sunnies protect your eyes from the heat, they also give you an insta-glam feel whenever you feel lazy to do your makeup. As for the jacket, keeping one is practical, especially if you know you get the chills easily. If there’s more space in that tote, don’t forget that trusty umbrella.

RB4221F Sunglasses, P7,000 fro Ray-ban via


So while these rain-and-shine days are quite annoying, you might want to consider the alternative: sweltering heat that melts the makeup off your face or pouring rain that leaves you drenched and possibly stranded at work by flooding. A little wardrobe planning seems a small sacrifice, right? And once you get the hang of it, there’ll be no sacrificed involved at all!

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