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9 Book Series Hotter Than Fifty Shades of Grey

9 Book Series Hotter Than Fifty Shades of Grey

Ever since the series that began as Twilight fan fiction stormed worldwide best seller list, people have become accustomed to thinking of Fifty Shades of Grey whenever they think of erotic reads. But the book has so many people in uproar, thanks to the questions it raises about consensual sex as well as true BDSM culture, which it doesn’t really represent. For too many people, though, E. L. James’ series wasn’t just the first introduction to erotic literature—it was the only one.

We’ll try to rectify that right now with this list of book series with red-hot sex scenes that are just as, if not more, erotic than the ones you’d find in Fifty Shades of Grey, but also consensual.

If you enjoy dirty talk:

1. The Line of Duty series by Tessa Bailey

If you’re into hot boys in blue, you should definitely give this series a read, as it features take-charge cops who like their sex rough and dirty and just barely on this side of kinky.


Reading order:

  1. Protecting What’s His
  2. Protecting What’s Theirs
  3. His Risk to Take
  4. Officer Off Limits
  5. Asking for Trouble
  6. Staking His Claim


2. The Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning

There’s something to be said for bedding a rock star, if this series is anything to go by. Each book follows a member of the rock band Sinners as he finds the one woman who lights him on fire and teaches him the kind of love worth singing about.


Reading order:

  1. Backstage Pass
  2. Rock Hard
  3. Hot Ticket
  4. Wicked Beat
  5. Double Time


3. The Cocktail series by Alice Clayton

Want something with a little bit more levity than rock stars and cops? Check out Alice Clayton’s Cocktail series, which begins with Wallbanger and is a lighthearted romp through love and sex.


Reading order:

  1. Wallbanger
  2. Rusty Nailed
  3. Screwdrivered
  4. Mai Tai’d Up
  5. Last Call


If you’re curious about BDSM and sexual fetishes:

4. The Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz

This isn’t your typical erotic romance, so if you pick up the books expecting your run-of-the-mill love story with a lot of sex added to it, put them back down and walk away. This series breaks a lot of taboos (adultery, sex with a priest, and more), but if you’re intrigued by the nature of BDSM relationships, this is a great series to start with.


Reading order:

  1. Red Years: The Siren
  2. Red Years: The Angel
  3. Red Years: The Prince
  4. Red Years: The Mistress
  5. White Years: The Saint
  6. White Years: The King


5. The Masters of the Shadowlands series by Cherise Sinclair

The Shadowlands is a BDSM club, a haven for dominants and submissives. They go in expecting erotic power play, but even hardened Masters—the elite, most skilled doms in the club—may find themselves slaves to love.


Reading order:

  1. Club Shadowlands
  2. Dark Citadel
  3. Breaking Free
  4. Lean on Me
  5. Make Me, Sir
  6. To Command and Collar
  7. This Is Who I Am
  8. If Only
  9. Show Me, Baby


6. The Rescue Me saga by Kallypso Masters

This series revolves around a kink club established by three military veterans who might not be looking for love on the club floors, but who find it anyway.


Reading order:

  1. Nobody’s Angel
  2. Nobody’s Hero
  3. Nobody’s Perfect
  4. Somebody’s Angel
  5. Nobody’s Lost
  6. Nobody’s Dream


If you believe love redeems flawed characters:

7. The Crossfire series by Sylvia Day

Fans of the Fifty Shades series will probably find a lot to like in this quartet. Gideon Cross might be hot and rich to boot, but despite his eligible bachelor status, he’s got a lot of issues, as does Eva Tramell. Still, attraction sparks and they give into it. But can they conquer their pasts and hold on to love?


Reading order:

  1. Bared to You
  2. Reflected in You
  3. Entwined with You
  4. Captivated by You


8. The Fixed series by Laurelin Paige

Attraction burns bright between troubled Alayna Withers, serial stalker, and the new owner of the nightclub she works at, Hudson Pierce. And while gorgeous and rich, Hudson has his own set of emotional baggage, including a marked tendency toward breaking girls’ hearts and spirits. Is there any hope of a healthy relationship between them?


Reading order:

  1. Fixed on You
  2. Found in You
  3. Forever with You
  4. Hudson


9. The Stark trilogy by J. Kenner

No one says no to Damien Stark; he’s sexy and wealthy and has that alpha male attitude down pat. He always gets what he wants. And what he wants is Nikki Fairchild. But she is worried that giving in to him means losing herself and exposing the secrets that could ruin everything.


Reading order:

  1. Release Me
  2. Claim Me
  3. Complete Me


Happy reading! And if you have a favorite series we didn’t mention that belongs on this list, comment to share!

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  • Where’s The Beauty Trilogy by A. N. Roquelaure (aka Anne Rice)? That’s one of the really original BDSM books for me because of its age, for one. Also has better sentence construction, even the few cheesy dialogue can be forgiven.

    • Hi, Tricia!

      I actually thought long and hard about including the Sleeping Beauty series, but there are some scenes that are blatantly non-consensual in the trilogy, so while I do agree that it’s one of the must-reads for those interested in BDSM fiction, I feel that, for this issue, the three I mentioned are better introductions. Especially Tiffany Reisz’s series! If I’d been listing stand-alone books instead of series, I might have included Anne Rampling’s Exit to Eden.

      Thanks for your input!

  • You should probably add the Hard Rock Harlots series (Strings, Beats, Nocturnes) by Kendall Grey if you’re into this kind of genre. The books are waaaaaay hotter than Fifty Shades of Grey. And it doesn’t hurt that the characters have tattoos and piercings, and that they’re in a band, too.

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