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5 Ideas for Keeping Your Relationship Fresh

5 Ideas for Keeping Your Relationship Fresh

5 Ideas for Keeping Your Relationship Fresh

Keeping a long-term relationship from going stale can be tough, even for the most committed of couples. We’ve already listed some relationship must-haves for you, but if you’re looking to keep things exciting between you and your guy, you might want to try the five things we’ve listed below.

5 Ideas for Keeping Your Relationship Fresh
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1. Challenge each other.

Are you and your guy competitive by nature? Sure, it’s great when you go up against other couples, but one thing you might want to try is a little friendly competition between the both of you. Maybe it’s something like a race to your fitness goals or even an at-home chore challenge, where the person who doess less housework pays for your next dinner or couple’s massage.

2. Experience new things together.

Trying new things is something you need to do to grow as a person and expand your horizons. Why not do that together? It could be something as simple as reading a new book a month (you could take turns picking which to read), taking a class at your local gym, or giving a new restaurant with a unique take on food a try.

3. Travel as a pair.

One of the ways to learn more about the person you’re with as well as figure out how you mesh as a couple when your limits are tested is to go away together. This takes you out of your comfort zones so that you deal with things like transportation, language barriers, and the like. It also lets you experience something new and make meaningful memories that will last you a lifetime.

4. Meet and hang out with other couples.

Hanging out in mixed company is fun, but you know what’s even better? Spending time with friends and their significant others. Seeing the dynamics that work between other couples and talking over problems only other people in relationships can truly sympathize with will strengthen your bond with your guy as well as build a support group for the two of you as a couple.

5. Never forget to appreciate what you have together.

Thank you guy for the little things as well as the big things. Staying happy and committed requires the both of you to feel that you are loved and appreciated in your relationship. Don’t forget to compliment him when he looks particularly good or when he does something unexpectedly sweet. Don’t just tell him you love him (although of course you should do that a lot); also remember to tell him what it is exactly that you love about him.

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