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10 Fun Rainy Day Date Ideas

10 Fun Rainy Day Date Ideas

The season of drizzles is upon us again. Are you and your man getting a case of cabin fever from getting all cooped up at home? Fret not! Here are ten romantic, rain-friendly ideas to have tons of fun amidst the wet weather!

Photo from About Time courtesy of Solar Entertainment
Photo from About Time courtesy of Solar Entertainment

1. Go random.

Jot down 20 different activities you’d like to do on a date. You can be adventurous and write, “Drive to Tagaytay and eat fresh langka!” or take it easy and add, “Stay in our underwear all day and talk about life.” Cut these up into little paper stubs, roll them up, and place them inside the jar. Shake it, and pull out the first stub you reach for. Did you happen to get, “Play Halo and order Chinese takeout”? Sounds perfect!

You can also do this for lunches or dinners out to avoid potential arguments about where to eat. Roll up the different names of restaurants you wouldn’t mind dining in, and place them in a separate jar, labelled “Where Do We Eat?” The next time you can’t decide, ask the jar!

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2. Set a supermarket date.

Decide on a certain dish you’d both like to eat, and note what ingredients you’d need for that particular recipe. When you arrive at the supermarket, hand-pick the ingredients together. Your partner could choose the steak, while you pick out dessert! You may also opt to set aside budget to surprise each other with something you’d both enjoy. You could get him his favorite drink, chocolate, or ice cream, and he could do the same for you. Try to keep the surprise a secret until you reach the checkout counter!

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3. Have a ramen contest.

Nothing compliments rainy weather better than a hot bowl of soup. There are tons of ways to make a delightful bowl of ramen, and the ingredients are simple! You have the freedom to add anything to tailor it to your taste: eggs, cheese, seaweed, bacon, whatever you want! The real challenge comes when you have to make it for your partner. Before the cook fest begins, brief each other on what you like for your soup. Does he like it spicy? Do you like it with lots of noodles? This may just test how well you communicate with each other… or simply how well you can cook!

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4. Write to each other.

Is there something you want to say to your partner but have a hard time verbally expressing it? Just jot it down! Give each other ample time to express yourselves. Be creative; use markers, paint, or even perfume to scent your paper. Once your time is over, hand over the notes, and retreat back to your corners to read them.

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5. Stage an indoor photo shoot.

Try taking each other’s pictures by the window when it rains–the cloudy skies changes the white balance of the photo, giving your pictures a softer, less yellow ambiance, and frame-worthy finish. Be as goofy and as cheesy as you want; you don’t have to post them on Facebook or Instagram! Better yet, you can have them printed out for physical copies you can keep in each other’s wallets.

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6. Play two-person board games.

Level up from the usual Monopoly and Uno–go for board games specially crafted for couples looking to have a good time! Try Tabletopics: Couples for probing conversation pieces that get you to intimately know each other more, or Lover’sopoly–a kinky, relationship-centered board game that’ll leave you wanting another round.

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7. Try role playing.

Have you always wanted a handsome prince to rescue you from an evil monster? Maybe he’s always dreamt of dating a top-secret spy. Whatever it is, indulge each other’s fantasies! Role-playing doesn’t necessarily have to equate to sex; it’s simply an activity that lets the both of you act out roles and have fun in the process. You could be dinosaurs from Jurassic World out to sweep the living room or Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice having a candlelit dinner–it doesn’t matter. Just try not to break character!

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8. Hunt for treasure.

Go on a treasure hunt and hide playful hints around the house for your partner that’ll lead him/her to the next riddle. Have the game end with a simple, thoughtful gift for your man, or end it with yourself as the prize. There are templates for riddles online, but you can try making your own!

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9. Get physical.

Pull out those exercise mats and start that yoga tutorial! Not only is exercise good for you, but it also releases endorphins, giving you and your partner a potentially happier bonding session. If yoga isn’t for you, you can try working out to Focus T-25 by Sean T., or his even more intense video, Insanity. Having your partner with you as you exercise could motivate you to push yourself, helping both of you break a bigger sweat!

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10. Enjoy the water!

Why stay dry indoors, when getting wet is infinitely more entertaining?! Grab a few water guns, and stage a water gun fight in your backyard! Lay down on the grass, don’t be afraid to get muddy. For fun, you can both re-enact the kissing scene in The Notebook… and maybe take it all the way to the shower for some real soaking fun!

Gif from The Notebook via Giphy

While these activities are best enjoyed under the pitter-patter of water droplets, you don’t have to wait for the next rainy day to do most of them! Take every chance you can to strengthen your bond with your partner, rain or shine.

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