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Sweetie, You’re Way Too Needy: Ways to Avoid Being a Clingy Girlfriend

Sweetie, You’re Way Too Needy: Ways to Avoid Being a Clingy Girlfriend

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Being too clingy in a relationship creates the exact opposite effect you actually long for. Every woman has random moments of being needy, but some do it so often that it’s really not healthy. Being clingy is, in fact, one sure way to push your boyfriend away. You might not get it, but it’s really ruining everything.

If you know that you are, or perhaps you’ve been told you are a clingy girlfriend, here are some ways to help you pull back a bit and save your relationship from heading to Splitsville.

Give Him Space

Yes, it’s that old cliché—give him space! Giving your boyfriend some breathing room is the best way to maintain a healthy relationship. Being apart will actually make him appreciate you more when you see each other again.

Don’t constantly text or call him with questions about what he’s doing. If he tells you he’s hanging out with his friends, stop saying things like, “I bet there’s going to be a lot of hot girls there,” or, “You’re just looking for other girls you can flirt with!” It’s a huge turnoff. And remember, you don’t own him!

Work on Your Trust Issues

Some girls tend to become clingy because of trust issues.

An ex might have cheated on you, or you’ve been ditched by your friends, but you need to learn that each new relationship has its own terms and requires a different approach. Hounding your boyfriend will not make him more loyal to you—ever. Learn to trust him without being by his side all the time.

Do Things by Yourself

Practice detachment. Stop asking your boyfriend to do things for you, or with you. Be independent. Don’t always ask him to go shopping with you or persuade him to watch a corny romcom movie that he really hates.

Do Not Give Up Your Goals, Hobbies, and Even Your Friends

The more you sacrifice your interests and friends, the more you tend to believe that you need him to feel whole. After getting in a relationship, don’t give up hanging out with the girls, pursuing photography, playing sports, or whatever floats your boat. Many women in a relationship make this mistake. Don’t be one of them.

Pursuing your own goals, hobbies, and keeping up with your girlfriends will also help you focus on what’s ahead for you, learn to be a little more independent.

Do not be a needy girlfriend; be a strong and independent woman instead. Who knows, your guy might even fall head over heels in love with you all over again.

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