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Unintended Ways You’re Telling Your Ex You’re Not Over Him

Unintended Ways You’re Telling Your Ex You’re Not Over Him

Stalking the Ex on Social Media
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You have only been apart six months, but it felt like forever.

You miss the sound of his voice; you miss the mornings when the first thing you see is his face. You could have been perfect together. When did things start getting ugly?

You know this breakup is long overdue. You well know it was your best option. Still, you can’t help but miss him. After all, you’d been together for a few years. Not that you refuse to move on, either. It’s just that, you’ll do it slowly.

If you’re not over your ex, that’s perfectly fine. After all, every heart has a pace. But sometimes, even when we try to control and distance ourselves, we still end up sending hints about how we truly feel.

Here are subtle, unintended ways you’re sending your ex the message you’re not over him yet.

Stalking his IG…and liking something he posted 182 weeks ago

Stalking the Ex on Social Media
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You might argue that stalking is such a strong word. That you’re only “nangangamusta.” But the truth is, you go back to his page to check for new updates and comments. You check if there’s an unfamiliar girl in any of the recent photos, and if there is, you go ahead and stalk her, too.

Once, however, you “liked” a photo he posted some 182 weeks (some 3 or more years) ago. You move quickly to “unlike” the photo, hoping either it doesn’t show up on his notifications bar or that the ground will swallow you alive.

Deleting his number

Delete His Number
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You might have finally pressed the delete button, but let’s be real.  You know all 11 numbers by heart. Sometimes, you even ring his number just to check if your memory’s still on point.

Drunk calling at 3 in the morning

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You hate alcohol and the awful hangover that’s sure to follow, but you intentionally binge on booze just so you can have a legit reason to call him at 3AM.

The next time you are tempted to do go all “I’m Drunk, I Love You,” at the wee hours, heed Ted Mosby’s advice: “Nothing good ever happens after 2AM.”

Posting “cryptic” statuses

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You try to be “cryptic” with your status updates, but to no avail, because honestly, nothing spells “obvious” more than the lyrics to Adele’s “Someone Like You” a couple of weeks after the breakup. Um, tag mo na lang kaya?

Going overboard on hashtags

Rage Typing on Social Media
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With your eyes still puffy from nights of crying yourself to sleep, you decide to show the world you’re okay by treating yourself to a trip to Tagaytay. You post your jump shots all captioned with #SingleButHappy, #SingleAndContented #HappyWithoutYou #SingleAgain #IDontNeedAMan and #ForgetWhatYouWantAndRememberWhatYouDeserve.

We get it. You’re single and trying to find your happy place. That’s good. But all those hashtags can take away the sincerity from your intention.

Moving on is never easy, and no matter how tempting it can be to try and gather support from your friends on social media, it is something you need to do on your own or in the company of only the people you trust. Bringing your emotions to social media can be damaging, especially when people who know nothing about your ordeal start judging your actions.

If you’re posting to garner your ex’s attention: stop. Remember, what’s meant for you will find its way back to you.

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