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Redecorating Your Home for the New Year

Redecorating Your Home for the New Year


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The New Year is a time for all things new. Some people like the idea of decluttering to make space for newer (and bigger!) things. Personally, I get rid of old stuff to welcome all the good juju with open arms. Plus, I also find shopping for new home stuff therapeutic.

If refreshing your home is part of your resolution, we list some things to try according to interior designers, Pantone, and the stars.

It’s in the Stars

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Want a really lucky year? Turn to Feng Shui.

According to Rodika Tchi, who has been consulting and practicing feng shui since 1999, there is more to it than simply arranging furniture. The colors you choose for your home, for instance, can bring to your space harmony, balance, and good energy or it can create chaos and low energy. A room adorned with greens and browns, for instance, best promotes vitality.

Feng shui also provides guidelines to those who wish to attract love or money in 2018. Laura Bengko, holistic design, and feng shui expert, says that if you’re looking to start a relationship this year, avoid surrounding yourself with single imagery. Do not, for instance, put a single chair in a corner or hang solo images. Bengko says it’s important to surround yourself with the energy of partnership, and you can do this by integrating pairs of everything.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to attract money, keeping your fridge and pantry organized and always full of fresh food can be the key. It also helps to keep your stove clean and make sure every burner works, and use it equally. Feng shui consultant Suzanne Metzger says your kitchen is reflated directly to your ability to attract money.

When it comes to color, Bengko says red, green, and purple work great in attracting power and prosperity. There is, however, a hitch: it will not work if you don’t stand the color. You need to go for the color you like, and then tune in to how the space feels. Again, feng shui is not just filling the home with stuff, but about mindful decorating to enhance the power and vibration of your home.

Millennial Pink vs. Ultra Violet

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From the look of it, 2018 made a bold entrance following Pantone’s announcement of its Color of the Year, which is Ultra Violet. Meanwhile, Fortune 500 paint and coating and manufacturing company, Sherwin-Williams, made an equally daring choice after naming Oceanside SW 6496 (think sapphire meets emerald green.)

Incorporate these invigorating colors into your home by adding jewel-toned throw pillows and curtains or velvet couches and accent chairs to your space.

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If you’re a bit doubtful about using bold hues, consider these color’s calmer cousins, such as Millennial Pink. This shade took the world of fashion and design by storm, and shows no sign of slowing down. Lilac, a watered-down version of Ultra Violet, is also a popular choice.

2018 Trends

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From clean lines and a seamless overall aesthetic, 2018 is moving on to rougher, less polished design principles. Wabi-sabi or the Japanese art of finding beauty in finding imperfection, is becoming popular. In home design, wabi-sabi translates to rough linens and pottery or hand painted items that when combined, form a deeply personal and organic aesthetic.

As we move away from stark-white aesthetics, creams, warm grays, blues, and even wood-grain tones will rise to prominence. HGTV’s Best House on the Block host, interior designer Lauren Liess, says that this year will see a renewed appreciation for cabinetry. She predicts that more homes will see beautiful, heavy-cabinet spaces.

As always, when it comes to designing your space, you should stick to what you love regardless of what’s hot or not. The idea is to make your home as comfortable as possible because remember: home is where you go to relax and recharge.

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