Bye-Bye Dead Skin Cells: Trying Out Origani (or Organi) Philippines Erda’s Manuka Honey Peel

Origani Erda’s Manuka Honey Peel

I am a self-proclaimed skincare freak. I’m not ashamed of it but a bulk of my salary goes to giving my face the best TLC it deserves, because why the heck not? #selflove

My skin has always been extremely oily, and you know what that means: dirt, dirt, and more dirt. If I don’t make the extra effort to clean my face on a daily basis, I’m just grooming myself as a target for acne breakouts.

Based on what I’ve learned after watching countless of YouTube videos on skincare and oily skin remedies, exfoliation is an essential step in my skincare routine. And so far, it has worked. Without my weekly exfoliation sessions, accumulated dirt would suck the life out of my skin.

I got the chance to try Origani Philippines’ Erda Manuka Honey Peel, a natural and gentle exfoliator that removes impurities to reveal clean, radiant skin. The Philippine website says the product is Php6,700. A little over my budget, I must admit, but I’m all for investing in your skin these days. Think about it: you only get one face in your lifetime.


It’s a habit of mine to go through the ingredient list before trying anything because of certain allergies I have, like with benzyl peroxide or parabens. On the box is the complete list of ingredients:

Aqua (Water, Carbomer, Cetrimonium Chloride, Leptospermum Scoparium Mel (Manuka Honey), Mel Extract (Honey Extract), Nelumbo Nucifera (Lotus) Flower Extract, Fucus Vesiculosus (Bladderwrack) Extract, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, CI 14700, CI 15985.

Off the bat, I can already see that it’s a pretty short list. That’s a good thing – less is more. The majority of the ingredients are plant-based and Origani Erda claims to be cruelty free (*claps*). I’m always a sucker for organic, all-natural products, especially when it comes to exfoliants. Since exfoliating gels penetrate deep into the skin, it’s important that the ingredients are non-irritating. Break-outs are big no-nos.



I’m not one to be prissy about packaging but, boy, did this wow me. It’s a pretty straightforward container, nothing spectacular, but the weight of the body and the golden sheen of the lid gives it a sophisticated look.

Screw Lid

The screw lid is easy to open and close, no struggle whatsoever. There is a protective plate over the product for sanitary purposes – that one’s easily detachable, too.


I cleansed with my trusty old Dove soap before lathering this on my face. The label on the box says that I should apply the product onto damp skin while avoiding the general eye area, leaving it on for 10 to 15 seconds before I start massaging. It also says to rinse right after with warm water and top it off with a moisturizer. And I did exactly that.


It has a very strong honey scent, one that sticks to your skin hours later. But I don’t mind at all because it does smell good.


Gel Consistency

The gel is cold to the touch and quite viscous upon application, but it immediately turns watery once you start rubbing it all over the skin. It has a light orange tint and feels very much like a soothing cream when applied onto the face. Exfoliating, for some reason, feels very luxurious – you can’t help but feel like a princess.

Gel Application on the Back of the Hand

Just after a little bit of rubbing, I immediately saw dead skin cell buildup on the back of my right hand. Gross, yes, but also oddly satisfying.

After Application

After washing it off, I was appalled. I honestly wasn’t expecting any visible transformations on my first try, believe me. But just look at this picture and tell me my right hand isn’t brighter than my left one. Amazing.

Application on Face

Lathering it onto my face was a more gratifying experience, especially that there are more dead skin cells to remove over here. I was a little skeptical about the product because, really, the buildup could have just been from the formulation of the product itself. But when the color of the residue began to change to a more grayish tone, I knew it was removing the dirt off my face. Gross again, I know, but skincare is life.



This is a photo of me a few hours after I’ve rinsed off the product. My face is practically makeup-free, save for a tinted lip balm, but it’s evident that my skin is generally brighter than it was before I used the peel. I am also digging that youthful, dewy finish – didn’t need to do the 10-step skincare method for that.



  • Natural ingredients and cruelty-free manufacturing process
  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Easy application
  • Non-irritating
  • Instant results


  • A little pricey
  • Strong odor that might not appeal to some


Yes! I had no negative experiences with this product, especially for someone with sensitive skin. A must-try.


The Verdict

Bye-Bye Dead Skin Cells: Trying Out Origani (or Organi) Philippines Erda’s Manuka Honey Peel
Wow Factor
4.8ModernFilipina Score

25 Responses

  1. Karina

    I’m a big fan of the products, been using it for couple of years now and I can feel the difference.

    It’s really up to par with the biggest luxury brands sold here in the Philippines…

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  3. Mae M.

    Hi Guys. I am Selling my Origani Erda Products. Those are 101% Legit, closed and sealed.Origani Erda products are very known thru word of mouth because of their amazing results to improve aging by giving you timeless beauty, provide amazin wow results and to treat your skin via organic and paraben free products.I can give you almost half the price if your getting the whole set.
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    Thank you.
    please respect

  4. Vera

    Hello there author! 🙂 i would love to know if you’re still using the product. Did it really work?

    • Katrina Tankeh

      Hi Vera! Definitely still using the product, maybe twice a month now or so, or whenever I remember to put it on. Still works! Skin hasn’t been this good in years. Cheers!

  5. Roselle

    Hello girls. If you really want something good to use for your skin origani is here for you Im selling it for you with good discount of 20%-30% just text me original 100% sealed and packed. Please contact me 09056628503
    -roselle 😀

  6. Ro Mercado

    For anyone who might be interested. I am selling my Manuka Honey Peel along with the Organi Botaniqa firming serum for a very good deal. Both are authentic and sealed.

  7. Irene

    Hi Ms. Jaja are you interested?

    I am selling

    a. Origani Manuka Honey Peel
    b. Jerico Dead Sea Night Cream
    c. Jerico Dead Sea Day Cream
    d. Origani Green Apple Clay Mask
    e. Origani Firming Serum

  8. Anna

    Hi! Are you still using this product? yesterday I bought it. With free bio marine day cream and lip balm. For only 6700.

  9. Aj

    I just bought one today but I haven’t started using it yet. I really hope it will work on me as I was skeptical to buy it at first. This review somehow gives me peace of mind that I won’t be wasting my money since it’s quite expensive. 😊 Thank you

    • Katrina Tankeh

      Thanks for reading, Aj! And I was skeptical at first too, as I am with almost all my beauty products, but the results were worth it.

  10. kat

    Hi author! I have super daming blackheads on my nose. I have the product already in hand, question is, would you know if it is safe to use it like every other day? Nakakabother lang kasi talaga yung blackheads ko and i want to get rid of them asap. Or is it strictly once a week lang?

    • Katrina Tankeh

      Hello, Kat! I wouldn’t recommend using it every other day because exfoliating that often might be bad for your skin. Once a week is enough!

  11. Shanice Anne Moreño

    Hi Miss Kat!
    I’m actually selling mine with free Collagen treatment at one of their clinics. I have the Manuka Honey Peel and the Day cream + the Treatment all for 5000 I just bought it yesterday. Contact me if you are interested. Mostly it’s the new year already.


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