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The Beginner’s Guide to Organic Skincare

The Beginner’s Guide to Organic Skincare

Organic skincare soothes the skin — calms the planet Image from Pexels

We’re easily swayed by TV commercials and magazine adverts when buying skincare products.

After just two hours of watching YouTube videos, you’re frantically typing in your credit card details on a website recommended by your favorite influencer. Your friend talks about the latest release from a big skincare brand, and you buy into the product immediately without even giving it as much as a whiff.

Slow down.

Not all trendy skincare products are good for your skin.

How I Went Organic

I wasn’t always an advocate of organic skincare.

Just like you, I would peruse the drugstore aisles and go for the skincare brands I was familiar with the most. I would look at the price range: cheap meant bad and expensive meant too much. If it smelled good, it meant it was going to do wonders for my skin.

But I realized I wasn’t getting the results I wanted with any of the products I was using, be it a bargain buy or a high-end product. In fact, I would get flesh-colored bumps on my face every time I would religiously use a product from drugstore brands. This was when I knew there was something wrong.

I sought my kitchen for natural alternatives to skincare Image from Pexels

I started going less and less to malls and, instead, researched all my products online while also looking to my kitchen for more natural alternatives. The keyword is: organic.

If you want to start using organic skincare, too, this is where you can start:

What’s in Your Organic Skincare?

Don’t just rely on labels. Look at the ingredients list instead.

The trick to reading the ingredient list for your skincare is this: don’t put on your face what your grandmother won’t put in her mouth.

This sounds awfully morbid, but there’s a truth to that statement. Many of our lolas are the pickiest of eaters – don’t you dare offer them a meal at McDonald’s. My own grandmother won’t trade her fruits and vegetables for anything in the world. So if my grandmother won’t eat something like ethanol, then I definitely won’t be lathering it on my skin.

Cruelty-Free Label

The Leaping Bunny logo (international), PETA Cruelty-Free logo (USA-based), and the CCF Rabbit logo (Australia-based).

Animal testing should be a thing of the past. Rabbits, cats, dogs, lab mice, primates, and horses all go through severe and painful experimentations just so we can test the safety of our products.

If a brand doesn’t carry any of these logos, I say ditch it.

Build Your Skincare Routine

There is no template for creating a skincare routine – everyone’s skin is different. Know what your skin needs and which ingredients work best for your skin.

It took years for me to find all the products that work best for my face. Feel free to use it as a guide:

Cleanser: Organic Papaya/Calamansi Soap

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I’m not picky with the brand of my facial cleaning soaps, just as long as it contains no harsh ingredients.

Toner: Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is known to fight infections and get rid of bacteria. When I had acne, I used witch hazel as a toner, and it completely cleared out my skin. I only use this every few days or when I think my skin needs a boost.

Spot Treatment: Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil is one of the best spot treatment products I have ever used. It dries out those pesky zits fast while leaving your skin smooth and soft.

Moisturizer: Organic Wrinkle Diffusing Cream

This cream contains natural extracts that reduce fine lines Image from Modern Filipina

The Origani Wrinkle Diffusing Cream contains cemallia sinensis leaf extracts and punica granatum extracts that are excellent for reducing fine lines on the face. I use this every day to finish off my skincare routine.

Organic skincare is food for the skin. Feed it what it deserves.

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