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5 Work Mistakes Every Girl Should Avoid

5 Work Mistakes Every Girl Should Avoid

In the past years, attitudes towards work have been changing. What might have been considered as model employee behavior in your parents’ time is different from what employers are looking for now.

Check out our list below to five work  mistakes that every girl should avoid–and to check if you’re guilty of any of the following:

1. Doing too much OT, and being proud of it.

Work can be seasonal, which means that there will be weeks and months where you have to stay a little late at the office just to catch up on everything. But if you are constantly clocking in long hours (and bragging about it to everyone!), it reflects poorly on your time management skills.

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2. Eating lunch at your desk.

What used to be impressive behavior in “olden” times is now reflective of your inability to take a healthy break from work. Save lunch breaks for actually eating and enjoying your food. Take a short walk outside, if you still got time. You’ll be much more refreshed when you get back to work afterwards.

Dozens of research have proven that taking breaks actually boosts work productivity, so ditch that monitor and eat with someone who’s actually human.

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3. Showing up to work even when sick.

Some people probably think this is proof of your dedication. But you’re just actually putting everyone at risk of getting your virus, and you probably won’t be able to do your tasks well anyway.

Do yourself and everyone else a favor and stay at home, rest, drink your medicine and lots of water. Go back to work only when you think you’re ready to give your 100% again.

GIF from Wanted via Giphy
GIF from Wanted via Giphy

4. Posting stuff on social media during work hours.

It’s fine to do it once in a while. Don’t we all? But sharing articles or memes every hour while you’re at work? Aren’t you supposed to be, you know, working? Save that cute puppy GIF for posting after you clock out at 5PM.

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GIF from The Family Guy via Giphy
GIF from The Family Guy via Giphy

5. Doing “busy” tasks.

“Busy” tasks can be defined as little things you do, like shredding paper or rearranging your files, that don’t really produce results or make an impact. They just make you look like you’re busy, and they can actually trick you into believing that you’re productive.

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GIF via Giphy

Save your time and energy for things that’ll make an impact. Do the most challenging tasks first (the ones the actually produce results), and once they’re out of the way, feel free to spend the rest of the day shredding papers.

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