For a lot of us Modern Filipinas, social media has become a huge part of our lives. I’m guilty for being one of those people whose priorities in the morning include checking her social media accounts. However, no matter how involved I am with social media, one thing I make sure not to do is to rant on social media about work.

It is understandable that there are moments when you will be tempted to do so, simply because you are full of emotions at the moment and are in need of an outlet for it. However, before you hit that “Post” button, think about why you should avoid ranting about work on social media.

4. Misinterpretation

Whether your post is about your boss or a co-worker, your vague rant posts about work on social media can be interpreted in different ways. In fact, even your personal rant posts can be misinterpreted if you post it during work hours. All the misinterpretation can create conflict later on.

4 Major Reasons Why You Should Avoid Ranting About Work On Social Media

3. Fast News Travel

News travels fast, especially on social media. Forget that you filtered your post’s privacy settings to exclude all your co-workers. There is still the slightest chance that you might not know that one of the people on your friends list actually knows someone from work and might slip the news in a conversation with them.

4 Major Reasons Why You Should Avoid Ranting About Work On Social Media

2. Screenshots

We all know about the iCloud incident and how accounts can be hacked. More than that, though, people can also take screenshots of your posts despite you taking them down a minute after you post them. So, before you publish your thoughts, second-guess yourself and avoid trouble altogether. You wouldn’t want your own words to be used against you, would you?

4 Major Reasons Why You Should Avoid Ranting About Work On Social Media

1. Being Annoying

If you constantly rant about work on social media and your co-workers can see it, even if you are friends with them, it could become utterly annoying. Spare your co-workers (as well as your friends) another rant from you since you have already done a lot of that at work today. Suck it up and be an adult about it instead. On that note, avoid being an annoying officemate altogether.

We all know how work can be stressful at times, and it is only natural for us Modern Filipinas to try and find an outlet to release all the tension. However, there are many other ways for you to let the steam off after a long day, like working out, having dinner with your friends, or even a D.I.Y. spa session at home. Plus, it makes you feel so much better! Think about it.

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