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The Lowdown on Casual Relationships: Are You Up For It?

The Lowdown on Casual Relationships: Are You Up For It?

The Lowdown on Casual Relationships: Are You Up For It?

If school was as easy as 1-2-3 when we were little kids, so were relationships. You were either single, married or in a relationship. Then things branched out and eventually included “It’s complicated”. As Modern Filipinas, we have seen and accepted that times have changed. We now live in a world where there can be more between two people besides I love you. To put it more bluntly, not being in a romantic relationship is no longer a barrier in getting some action. Here are the different casual relationships as we know them today:

One Night Stand

You met at a party after having fun with your respective friends and then caught each other’s eye. Or, you’re acquaintances (maybe even friends!) that suddenly saw each other through lust-filled eyes. Either way, you had sex and it has never happened before. And, as of the moment, it never seems like it will be happening again. Do it again on another occasion and it’s a different story. If the first scenario mentioned is the case, then honey you just had a One Night Stand.

Friends With Benefits (FWB)

The most common and widely known of the 4 casual relationships (thanks to that Justin Timberlake-Mila Kunis Movie!). Unfortunately, some people generalize all casual relationships as FWBs. No. The difference between Friends With Benefits and other casual relationships is that you guys started out as friends – just like in the movie! You guys have a friendship behind you and you suddenly decide to have sex or some other “benefits” on the side. Like all other casual relationships, you don’t have romantic feelings for the other person. What you do have as FWBs is fondness (even love!) for the person as a friend.

Fuck Buddies

If you started out as friends in the Friends With Benefits Scenario, here, you start out as either strangers or acquaintances and eventually form a friendship because of that one thing you like to do together: have sex. As with one night stands, you start off barely knowing each other (well, with one night stands you probably won’t get to know each other at all anyway) and then you decide to have sex with each other on several occasions and somehow see at one point that there is more to this person than his or her pretty face and attractive body.

Booty Call

Last but not the least is the Booty Call *wink wink*. With the booty call, it more often than not starts with… you guessed it: a call, a text or even a Facebook message asking another person to come over on the nights when you’re either bored or alone and want to get frisky. Its difference from the first two that I mentioned is that it doesn’t happen as often and you meet up with the other person for the sole purpose of having sex.


Before you continue into such liaisons, you must remember a few things, though:

  1. If you know you get attached easily, DON’T GET INTO SUCH AN ARRANGEMENT AT ALL. Chances are, the other person doesn’t want more than what you guys have now and you will get hurt in the long run.
  2.  DON’T BE TOO CLINGY. You guys aren’t in a romantic relationship, so this simply isn’t part of the deal.
  3. IT WILL END AT SOME POINT. One of you (or both) will get tired of the arrangement, or will eventually find someone else or get into a real relationship. In that case, your casual relationship will come to an end.

Disclaimer:Based on the writer’s observations and research.

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